Sophie was a full bread Golden Labrador Retriever, she was a beautiful girl. We were her second family and when we got her she had an open infected wound around her neck where she had been chained so much and had tried to get loose. She was never chained again, just collar and leash for walks.She was still a pup when we got her and her feet were so big we figured she would be a large dog. She ended up around 80lbs. She slept in our bed and you couldn't budge her once she fell asleep'

When I was sad she never left my side, and would put her paw on me or lay her head in my lap. When I cried she licked my tears. She took good care of me and it's lonely without her.

We have always got dogs from shelters and I'm missing several good friends. I plan on rescuing another one but I'm still mourning Sophie. I highly recommend pets if you;re able to have them. They give you someone to love and care for.

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  • Hi Vm

    I know what you mean about pets & animals! My cats are my babies, one even answers me back! Sorry you are still mourning Sophia, she was obviously Very Special & important to you! It is to me as hard as losing my best friend!

    I had two of my cats from birth & they were both So special to me & I was devastated when I lost both of them! I can't have children so they were the closest thing to me & cost just as much as having a child! I still shed a tear when I remember them. My male cat was Always there when I was low or upset, he used to cuddle up to me , sit on my lap, react if I was distressed, and meow loudly if someone was having a go at me He had a go & tried to bite my mum when she upset, me not hard but he was like my guard dog!

    I miss my pets terribly & still have photos of them on my unit! I love the two I have now a Pedigree Ragdoll & a cross Maine Coon/Ragdoll who argues & answers me back when she wants something & I say No!

    Animals are more intelligent than many people think & they pick up on our feelings and sometimes can't get close enough to us! Did you have any room in your bed with an 80lb dog to share with?

    I too would recommend a pet if someone is able to have & look after one! I tell my cats everything & one of gives me kisses when I'm hurting on my arm ur anywhere else within reason, she just seems to know when I need support whatever is going on, I used to have a male & a female, but now have two girls who fight for my attention at times & fur flies! It is lonely without them & when I lost my boy 41/2 years ago my female pined for days & my boy pined before when he lost his sister! I know it's hard & can hit you extra hard when you get depressed, but mourning for them is normal & when we get another one they can never replace what we've lost, but we gain a new friend!

    My thoughts are with you Vm. Take Care. spykey

  • Hello Pam

    Our first dog was from the cat and dog shelter and was a Pat dog in the day centre, He would never bother anyone and would duck his Head when someone tried to stroke Him, In the Information Centre He would sit on my lap all day and people would come in to see Him. He died from Cancer, pollution from windscreen wash or oil dissolved one of His nails and it spread to the Lungs.

    Pax originally came from Ireland, He was left on board th ferry and Dogs Trust transported him and His Brother down to Darlington. He was only five weeks when left. We got him at twelve weeks, He had a bad tummy that lasted for twelve months and we were lucky He got better.

    Dogs can read our minds and know how we are in ourselves, I would hate loosing Pax now He is really part of our family. They all are a miss when we loose them and I feel Pip was still around us after He died. Sometimes when sitting looking out the window I see a white shape out the side of my eye and I feel it is Pip watching over me. When I go over to the other side He will be waiting for me I hope.

    Give yourself time to grieve before you get another friend, family member. You will be introduced to the right one who will watch over you

    Keep a hold


  • So sad when a beloved pet passes away. There's a soft spot in my heart for animals and their nonjudgmental innocence.

  • Hi Pam ah your dog sounded lovely, no words only time will help. Your in my thoughts.

    We are all here for you, so don't forget that.

    Warm hugs.


  • Oh my, it is such a heartbreaking time when a loved one dies. There are those who see pets as simply pets but for most of us they are part of the family. I am so sorry you have lost this member of your family.

    I too had a golden retriever, my first dog. Although I knew him from about 10 weeks old he wasn't actually 'mine' until he was around 6 months. From then on he went everywhere with me for the next 13+ years. He wasn't just a companion, he was my friend and my 'little boy' too, so it was very much like losing a limb when he died. I was devastated. It takes time to get over a loss like that.

    It is very good of you to offer better opportunities to those in need. I hope that you soon find one to fill that gap that has opened in your life.

    Take care

  • She was a real beauty both inside and out :). Its always hard to lose such a loyal friend.

  • Thank you. I like dogs more then people most of the time. You always know where you stand with a dog. Horses too, I had one as a child and she was so loving. She was an Indian Pinto named Shiner,

    Tell me how you are doing, are they treating you well at the shelter? Are you street smart? Watch yourself.Pam

  • That's so cool you had a horse! Some people here at the shelter are trustworthy while others are not. I wasn't very good at standing up for myself when I first arrived, but am learning fast. I was also very sensitive at first, but now I don't care as much about what people say to me. In the meantime I am applying for jobs like crazy. I got my own insurance, foodstamp, and am registered for my classes. Now I need to drop my Dad's insurance so that I won't be as financially dependent on him. Thank you for asking.

  • yeah i know how you feel lost a lab/collie cross 3 years ago miss her like crazy still. Got 2 doggies from rescues and i wouldnt do without them. one i got while the dog that died was 5 and the other one after her death she is a golden lab cross she is 3 now.

  • Bless you. I lost my persian cat 1.5 years ago approx. I now have only my second cat a tabby, which was fate.

  • That unconditional love, pets are wonderful. I miss Sophie every day.

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