Hi All

Hello my name is Joshua Kaye.

I'm currently trying to recover from depression, anxiety, eating disorder and self-harm. I've recently just started up a website to try and help people suffering with any mental health problems (mainly focusing on the listed above) because I know how crap they can make you feel and how they can consume your whole life. I do various different things on the website, mainly blogs and videos.

Sorry, if anyone wants me to take this post down because it could classes as advertisement then please message me. But this is a non-profit website, I just want to try and help people.

LINK --- > meandmythoughts.co.uk

Thanks Josh :)

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  • Hi Joshua,

    Just been to your blog.

    Its fantastic, keep up the good work.

    There is so much stigma surrounding these issues and the more awareness the better.

    p.s your hott lol.

  • I'm really glad that you are enjoying the website. and thank you for the complement ahaha.



  • hi Joshua

    I like the site and your blogs.

    It's great you are sharing and challenging perceptions in such an open way.

    I'm not that brave or confident to be that open.

    I will follow your site and check out the videos.

    You links are good too.

    I find the Headspace app good for anxiety and depression. Check it out and see if it is worth adding to your list



  • Thank you very much this means a lot, that you are finding the website useful. I think it's the best way to help people understand they are not alone :)

    I will check it out, thank you. And I've heard positive things about it, so I probably will thank you.

    Hope you're well ?



  • Well Joshua, I am impressed with you and your web site and very glad I stumbled upon it. I've had to deal with anxiety most of my adult life, I'm 69 and I was hoping I would out grow it. You give excellent advice which could be very helpful to many people. One of the problems of depression, anxiety, or any health issue is how alone you feel and how difficult it is to communicate what you are experiencing to others. You, my friend, could fill this void for many.

  • Thank you so much for the kind words, I so happy that the website is helping people. That is my main goal to let people know that they're not alone in this horrible place. I'm so sorry to hear you have struggled with anxiety for such a long time. It's crazy how it can rule and consume your entire life.

    But I'm so glad you think that this can help people, as I said that's my goal :)

    Take care, you're amazing


  • Hi Joshua I just watched your intro on your website and a huge congrats /well done ! I think it's fantastic. So nice to be able to help others I try by responding to people on this site through dark times where I have been many a time so can show empathy and understanding. I remember my mum said it would be great to have a drop in centre because when you need that help and support you need it right away! I know that first hand. I also have heard and read reports where the biggest killer in men under 40 is suicide and that's shocking I would love and plan to get involved in the help and support of that one way or another. Really pleased your speaking out you seem like a lovely guy. All the best stay in touch - Kelly x

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