Hi everybody, i thought i would introduce myself to everyone. This is my first time in joining a group of this nature. I have suffered depression for as long as i can remember, i am now 42! I am really struggling this week as i didn't put my prescription in for my have now been without for a week. My emotions have come to a head and have forced myself to get my repeat prescription! Hopefully it will be at the chemist tomorrow. I honestly don't know why i let this happen as this is not the first time. The first couple of days are ok then i become so tired that doing anything is difficult, i become irritable snappy sad tearful and over emotional. I am having to accept that i need medication to function as a half normal person!! Can anyone relate to anything i have said??


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  • Hi there and welcome to the Forum, I think it's very important to take

    Your Meds regularly. Could you make sure to put a reminder on your phone

    About a week before you run out. It could be that you have not fully

    Accepted that you need Meds for the moment, but you have to look

    After your health and give yourself the best chance of getting well.

    Do you do other things to help yourself? , as I feel Meds are a part of the remedy,

    But other things help too. Excercise and a good diet and doing things you

    Like as well.

    I hope you stay and get some help here as we are not a bad bunch. Lol. It's

    Nice to have new members .

    Sorry for taking so long to respond, but stupidly I thought I had sent a reply

    But didn't. Duh!


  • Yes. Been there. Done the same before...several times!

    on top of it now though!

    you hit the nail on the head...Acceptance!!!

    you need to accept your illness! You don't have to choose to be a victim of it! But Accepting it is a great start. Its also a good way of being kind to yourself. Give yourself a break.

    as soon as i get my prescription now, i count up to the date it will run out...i then look at the whole last week before it will run out and i say, right. Week commencing 22/2 for example, i will throw in repeat prescription, and i know I'm ok as long as i pick it up some time that week, will always have several days to spare just incase.

    the more you run out, the harder it is for your body to get into a routine with the medication, which will then frustrate you and make you question the whole medication...illness thing. Start a strict routine on your calendar today/or when you pick up your prescription. You'll feel good for it. In control. And no longer putting up with the dreadful withdrawal symptoms!!! X

  • Hello and welcome. I really hope you find the forum helpful. I take it you have n't been continuously depressed for as long as you remember,and I certainly hope you've had some spells of remission in that time.

    Don't go missing medications though , it takes them long enough to find the magic formula for each individual so don't mess it up by missing taking the pills. Besides if you get tired , snappy and irritable its the people around you who suffer and they are the guys we need supporting us when things are going badly.

    Hope your presciption turns up tomorrow and your feeling pretty good as soon as possible.


  • Hi most meds are quite addictive so when you don't take them for a few days what you are feeling is the addiction kicking in. That's why when you decide to come off them (and you will) you need to tailor them off very slowly. x

  • Hi there, I don't know if you are in England, but if you are, there is a useful service which I use which orders the repeat automatically for you and they will even text you when it's may be that other pharmacies also offer this service, not sure, as I always use the one right near to the surgery which happens to be Boots. I hope this might be useful to you. I found when I first started out that I couldn't get up the "courage" to even call the repeat script line because of anxiety etc (I'd spent months not answering the phone, or calling anyone - you get the idea). Or, I'd simply forget to order in time if I didn't remember to write it in my diary a week before I ran out. This was the perfect solution for me. Also, if you are having a really bad day and can't make it out the door, you can still have a representative collect it for you, which can be useful. My hubby often collects for me as he works nearby and it saves me having to waste petrol. Apologies for giving you all this information if you don't have this service where you live though!

  • Thank you all for your comments :) I have now been back on my meds for a couple of weeks or more now, and the fog that i was in has lifted. This time round i will try extra hard to make sure that i put my repeat in on time. It is crazy to think how much a tablet can make all the difference!

  • Yes, me. I run out during holiday. Was only 4 days without my meds. Felt like I was dying . something horrible. never again.

  • It's horrible..that must of been awful tp run out on holiday!!! Although I feel a lot better I still don't feel great..probably need to go to the doctors myself!

  • I had mental and psychical symptoms . We found one pharmacist who helped me - in tiny village in Sri Lanka. Like miracle! I thought I will cry

  • That was lucky for you!!! May I ask what your on?

  • Venlafaxine 75mg, was 150mg before, might go back to high dose again

  • I have never been on them before? If you are really struggling maybe up your dose a little until you go to the doctors

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