Does Sertraline make you sleep more and feel tired?

Before taking setraline I was going to sleep on average between 11:30pm and 1am which I obviously wanted to change but I didn't expect it to be such a change if that makes sense!

I fell asleep at 9:30 last night and around 10 a couple of nights ago yet I don't feel much better when I get up and then I feel ready to go back to sleep again by 6 which us obviously way too early..

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  • I was like this for about 2 weeks the first week was awful even if i took my tablet after work at 2pm I would just feel so zoned out I would fall asleep straight away so I decided to take like an hour before bed. what dose are you taking? I stayed on 25mg for 3 weeks instead of one..then upped my dose to 50mg. It has been a month and 3 weeks and I feel alot better not so tired more energy at work...the only side effects I get now is sometimes trouble staying asleep and dizzyness in the mornings my anxiety is still there but its more tolerable...maybe after 3 months I might up to 100mg who knows.

  • Im on 50mg and this is what I started on. I take mine at 6pm though..

  • Hi I have been on sertraline 150 mg for years now but I don't find it helps me to sleep. I take a low dose of mirtazapine for that.

    It might be the sertraline which makes me more tired; I don't know as I also suffer from mild/moderate copd and am 62 now. I find the sertraline suits me though I don't like the nasty dreams it gives me. x

  • I am on 150mg of sertraline a day. I used t take it at night but seemed to find it difficult to get up in the morning as a result my Psychiatrist suggested taking it in the morning - I have been fine since and my mood is so much better during the day.

  • I've been on Sertraline for around a year now. At 50mg dose, it didn't have much impact on my depression, and side effects were minimal. However, when upping the dose to 100mg a couple of months back, it had a marked impact for the first 2-3 weeks - I was in a daze, and napping in the day. Then I became accustomed to it, and my sleep patterns settled into the cycle I'd had before. I take mine at bedtime, and it seems to minimise disruption. I've found it really worth sticking with - didn't do much at 50mg, but I feel miles better at 100mg. My doctor says it's particularly good for anxiety, and I'd agree.

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