Am I overreacting?

It's probably me overreacting again, and being stupid, but I don't know. I think there's started to become a bit of an atmosphere in our house as we've basically factionalised with two of us on one side and two on the other and one kind of in the middle. It's got to the point where I've started to feel really attacked by the other two if I'm on my own with them. I don't think it's anything overt, it might just be that I expect it to happen, so it does? It'll just be little comments. For example, I'm trying so hard to be positive this year and they just shoot it down, so we'll have an essay in or whatever, and I'll be encouraging and be all, we can do it, etc, etc, and they'll just shoot it down. Unless it's then me trampling all over their feelings and maybe tothem I'm making it seem insignificant? Or, for example, yesterday, we had some friends over, and we know the others go to bed early, so we closed the door and were as quiet as we can be, but I just spent the whole evening feeling so uncomfortable like we were horrible human beings and being inconsiderate, but what can we do? I realised this this morning that we don't have them over every night, we don't make noise every night, so Idk. Now one of them just won't talk to the other, and I'm quite an insecure person anyway, so it's just little things like that that can kind of trigger it and send my thoughts spiralling and yeah.


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  • Your a very sensitive person, something that many people suffer from and can easily spiral into depression and anxiety. Sometimes it can make you read to much and over analyse what anyone says, your not alone we all do it up to a point. As you say, sometimes because you are expecting it to happen then that's how you are interpreting every conversation.

    I am certainly not saying any of this is just your interpretation, but the trick is not to let the words effect you so deeply, so that you are able to talk to the others how you would like to be treated.

    When you know you are a highly sensitive person it's a good idea to find out a lot about cognitive behaviour therapy so you can learn to cope better rather than spiral out of control. It's all well worth trying xxx.

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