Can anyone help?

So basically my family is broken in a sense as about a year and a bit ago my mum cheated on my dad twice with two separate guys. I knew before my dad but my mum told me not to tell him and I did what she asked because well I used to be really close with my mum and I didn't want to let either of them down. So weeks went by until finally my dad got a phone call and when he picked up it was one of the guys my mum was still seeing he told my dad everything and he even said he was going to be a better father to me than my dad is. So then it all began.

They still live in the same house together even after 2 years however, my house was put up for sale and slowly as the days went by I drifted away from my parents and basically my whole family.

I have major trust issues just because of constant lies from my parents and my mum would say she was taking me out somewhere different but she'd actually take me round her bfs house (the guys she was seeing) and made me keep it a secret from my dad, I'm now 16 btw. they have fights as in like a proper fight not just arguing and obviously I feel I have to protect my mum even know she let me down big time.

It now seems that my house won't be sold but my dad is going to pay my mum 100K to leave but they can't agree on things so everything is stuck like this and neither of my parents want me for the right reasons my mum wanted me to drop out of sixth form and get an apprenticeship so she could get child benefit up until 21 and my dad wants me to live with him more than 3 days a week so he doesn't have to pay my mum any money. I have an older sister and she's 27 but I'm not very close with her anymore because she's not my dads daughter and thinks that I've taken my dads side but it's not that it's the fact I think it's wrong what my mums done.

I used to play tennis nationally however when my dad found out about all that slowly I began to stop playing as much until now I hardly play at all. I'm failing my A-levels and my behaviour has become worse I don't want to make excuses it's just I have a hard time concentrating and I've got to a point that I don't care anymore. My mum refuses to take me to school a few times a week so I'm always late as it takes me an hour to walk there and it's all just getting too much at the moment.

All my stuff has been moved out of my house and I think my mum is going to live with my sister but I said I won't go because that's not my home and my sister hates me well so does my mum. My dogs are going to kennels for 6 months until my mum can find a house as well. And the arguments are constant be it 7 in the morning or 11 at night it never stops. I did no revision for my GCSE's at home because I just can't concentrate and my parents didn't support my through them at all, they don't even know that I have parents evenings I have to explain to the teachers they can't come and its because they won't go or be near one another without arguing.

All this isn't to make you think I'm some dum kid in a bad situation I am generally struggling to be happy and I have constant break downs. Loss of appetite, enjoyment or interest in food, Loss of interest in usual activities, work or hobbies, Social withdrawal, Feeling overwhelmed by everyday tasks, Low energy, Being ‘on edge’, jumpy or agitated, Feeling alone or lonely, even if in a room full of people. can any one just give me an opinion or advise even if it's critical on me or whatever, thank you it means a lot.

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  • Oh Ellis im so sorry your parents are so caught up in their own troubles ...where in the country are you honey really need someone to give you some good advice and support


    Take a look on this can chat online

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