Life Enjoyment?

Hi everyone,

I'm 21 years old and have suffered from anxiety and depression for 3 years now. I've been struggling more and more to actually see the beauty that is there in just being alive and can't seem to find anything I really enjoy to find a purpose. I'm definitely not suicidal, I just feel down all the time and don't get enjoyment out of anything I do. I constantly feel anxious about being lonely for the rest of my life and feel like I have no purpose. I don't feel like I'm living for anything. Do you guys have any stories about how you found your 'purpose' and began finding enjoyment in life instead of just living day by day, going through the motions?

It's my first time posting about my mental health issues so it's quite a big step for me and thank you to anyone taking the time to read and contribute.


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6 Replies

  • I felt like that as well at 21, but I'd had my then fiancé me 3 months before our wedding. I was always really quiet and shy at school and didn't make friends easily. he was my first real boyfriend and I couldn't believe my luck that I'd found "the one" so easily. I was gutted when he called the wedding off and left me with a mortgage on a flat to take care of.

    So I ended up just working and not doing much else then I went along to a beginners course for archery and that totally changed things. I fell in love with the sport and soon was helping to set-up the club and a couple of years later I was encouraged to be a coach. Best thing I every did. The sport helped me focus my anger with me situation and also showed me ways to cope, I got to meet new people and help improve my confidence cause I was the club coach and ran the beginners courses as well as helping all the other archers also. It was good fun and 20 something years later I and still involved with the sport. I've represented Scotland and won medals for doing that. I even ended up as a volunteer coach with the GB paralympic archery team for 4 years and was one of the coaches at the paralympics in London 2012. :-D I had the pleasure of looking after one of the team as he shoot a new world record and even got to wear the silver medal that one of our team won as she wanted me to keep it somewhere safe and that was the safest place I though for it. :-D

    I've been suffering from depression for the past couple of years and I'm taking it day by day. I've even managed to join an exercise group doing something called the Highland Hustle. It's a good laugh it's exercise, but involved some the highland dancing moves and is more relaxed than some of the exercise classes I've been to cause it doesn't matter if you end up on the wrong foot or going the wrong way. I always leave with a smile when I can get along to the class.

    I got involved in volunteering through my sport, but there are so many opportunities for your these days. Have a look and see if there is any in your area. Animal rescue centres sometimes look for volunteers if you are worried about mixing with people too much. Or maybe see if there's a new sport that you fancy trying, get a friend to go with you.

    I didn't have much money when I was 21 not like my friends so I found it tough cause I couldn't go out as much as they did. I ended up getting craft kits for my Christmases and birthdays and did those as well as teaching myself to cook by trying new recipes. That was a laugh as I used to make desserts and take then to my parents on a Sunday, my Dad was really honest in his comments if he didn't like it he told me. :-D I have to admit some of them were really bad. :-D

    I stopped worrying about meeting "The right guy" and just concentrated on my work and getting promoted and my sport and cooking of course. :-D

    I hope you do find something there is purpose and enjoyment waiting for you. Give trying something new a chance. it's scary at first, but that's part of the challenge.

    Hope this helps you. :-D

  • Hi 20Voices,

    I'm sorry for the hard times you had to endure, but I'm so glad you found something that you could completely immerse yourself into and are successful at!

    I really enjoyed reading your post, particularly about the desserts, haha. I hope you're handling your depression well day by day. I know it's a struggle. It has really helped, I just need to keep exploring more and more possibilities until I find that thing that I really connect with.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply with that much depth, it helps knowing I'm not alone. I hope everything works out for you! :D

  • I'm stubborn when I have enough energy so I'll get there. There are a lot of Arts & Crafts articles on internet that may give you some suggestions of things you might try.

    If you type "hot to find a hobby that suits me" in your search ending you'll get lots of advise on how to find something that suites you. Here is a link to one of the articles.

    Some hobbies don't even need to cost a lot either. If you get stuck let me know as I have tried a lot of different Arts & crafts. :-D

    My Dad used to play trick on use when we were growing up and if we complained "Awww Dad!" was our usual response he'd telling us he was making sure we were trained for the big bad world. :-D

    Take care and let me know if you find something to do. :-D

  • Thanks a lot for your help! I'll keep you updated :D.

  • HI have you had an official diagnosis from a doctor? If not you need to see one and access the help available. x

  • Hi,

    Not yet, I've made an appointment and am going to see what they offer.

    Thanks for your reply!

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