So there is one subject (art) which I really wanted to do as a course in college cause I am good at it and its something I enjoy. Recently I have been paying a lot of attention in my religeous studies class and i usually find myself reading things about different religions and I told my parents but they say stick to art if its what your good at but I can't if my heart is drawn to something else , people say follow your heart but I'm really confused on what to choose, and it makes me kind of upset that people don't consider my interests, any advice?


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  • Hi there this is a Depression support site so I think you might be much better

    Going to discuss this with a careers guidance teacher, Your school is the best

    Place to discuss this with, you are only 16 and they will know your strengths

    And weaknesses too. I just feel that would be a better avenue for you.


  • Hello

    Do you feel you would like to go into church after your studies ??

    People say go with your heart, sometimes this may be not be possible or impractical, all depends on you and how you feel. Art can be a hard post to go for as there are so many going for that sort of work

    Faith can be hard as well, you need to have a certain attitude for that sort of work. Really only you can make any of those decisions for yourself. Your Parents will be concerned because they most probably feel it is not a good way to change tack now and you may need to start again in a different direction and cost may come into that.

    All I will say is if you are at College now your employment position could be with you generally right through from Pass to retirement. You need to find something that you will be happy with

    If you are depressed you need to see your GP and He will listen and make arrangements for a possible treatment plan. One thing I will say is medications for depression can possibly affect the edge you need to do your studies. So only you and your GP can make those decisions in this case

    We are always around if needed. I went through something very much the same when I was at Tech College fifty years ago

    Sorry no easy fixes, Try talking to your College Employment, or Employment Specialist they may advise. There is also a Social team most probably who will listen to you and advise


  • Hi I noticed you don't lock any of your posts Did you know they go viral if you don't and could end up anywhere on the web including fb and twitter? If you want to lock them you need to click on 'community only' when you post. The default button is set to 'everyone'. x