So today I started with a new counsellor, I have been doing well for a while but after the passing of my grandad recently thought a top up would do me good, I went with a new lady as it is a new service through my work healthcare program which is free , I didn't really click with her and she was over trying to be kind to me and I am unsure about going over old ground and digging through the things I have already put behind me.

My previous councelling uses the ( human givens approach) and I felt it real made sense to me in a practice way and not just a head shrinky way if that makes sense..and I really connected with the counsellor, I guess I have answered my own thoughts there!!

Nite nite..

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  • Generally over time they will either change the way they present their treatment or as here they have withdrawn your old CPN and given you a new one whose way of working is different. to the former

    Personally I feel they will not reintroduce your previous CPN as their system may have been tried out and it keeps treatment fresh as your former treatment plan had become stale.

    Sometimes the relationship between you and the CPN can also become to close on occasions, they withdraw the CPN because of this a well.

    At thi time you are going through the getting to know you phase, please give it time

    Good Luck