Im finding it difficult to not get upset or angry with people who think its easy to just snap out of Depression. Its so frustrating when all you need is a bit of encouragement and a well done when you achieve something. Not for someone to say "you have finally stopped being lazy today then".

I would like to deal with it in a nicer way before i end up saying " you're still being a #### today then".

Can anyone suggest a way that i can deal with this.




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  • I find getting angry makes me feel as if I have let myself down. I can't control how people thinks and what they say just my response. Deep breathes, counting, maths equations, reciting positive or verses. Try to educate them by leaving literature around.

  • Hi there you know really that we have no control over other people or how they

    Think and all you can do is to try and control how you react to their comments. It's pointless to look for sympathy as you might not get it , just concentrate on getting

    Better and on yourself. There is a lot of ignorance about Depression. , so minimise

    Your contact with people who are no help to you.

    I found Mindfullness Mediatation helps me to deal with niggles in my life, especially letting go of anger towards my siblings because they never contact me or ask

    How I am, so best thing is just get all the help you can but don't expect others

    To understand .

    Please take care of yourself and we understand for sure, so don't be a stranger here.

    I'm usually around for a chat if you want to.


  • what's mindfullness meditation Hannah?

  • Practice of paying attention to whatever is happening in the present moment with kindness towards ourselves and our experience, and without judgement.

    Poppy there is a great book with a CD by Jin Kabatt- Zinn "

    The Mindful Way through Depression". ( I think that's the name, look up on Amazon). I found it great, There is another one too.

    Mindfulness a proacticalnfuide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World by

    Mark Williams and Danny Penman ( it has CD too with guided meditations.

    Even doing 10 mins a day helps me. Poppy have a look and get back

    To me for any more info. It's not a real quick fix but I think it's

    Helpful, it just helps me to accept things and to live in the present and

    To enjoy the present, rather than thinking about the past and worryi f

    About the future.

    Hugs to you Poppy.

    Hannah x

  • Poppy the first book I mentioned is this one.

    The Mindful Way Through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness (includes Guided Meditation Practices CD) Paperback – 21 Jun 2007

    by Mark Williams (Author), John Teasdale (Author), & 2 more

    ( for some reason I thought it was Jon Kabat -Zinn( I think he does the



  • Hi the answer is not to expect encouragement and support from those who don't understand depression. Ignore them and stick with people who do understand. Be careful who you talk to about it.

    I have found the best way to wind these type of people up is to agree with them whatever they say, then change the subject. This really puts them off their stroke :)

    You know it's not the truth and it's only the truth that hurts isn't it? x

  • Oh why have you deleted your account Tigs88?

  • Hey tigs, I wouldn't be bothered by these people they have no idea how difficult things can be, especially things that may look easy to do, can be the hardest of tasks. For me it's actually getting out of bed in mornings, often this causes me to rush around like an idiot to make it on work on time lol. Just focus on yourself and how you feel. It probably doesn't solve your problem how to talk to people nicer. But I would just say it's none of there business and let you deal with it your own time. If they behave like this, they are not worth the time to help you as a person.

    I hope this helps Hun. Just focus on yourself and give yourself your own time that you need xxxxx