Snow now

Weather has now changed and the wind and rain has given up to snow on the hills. for the last two days.

Pax hates the snow and ice so He prefers to stay in just having a quick pee in the garden.

I was watching the television last night and they were putting cloth booties on the dogs feet with the claws exposed to give grip. My old dog Pip went out and stood in some car OIL and that caused Him to get cancer starting in the claw. Does anyone here know if it is a good idea to protect the dogs feet when there is snow etc on the roads and pathways. I have seen dogs shoes for sale on the internet, anyone got any ideas. We always worry here as the roads are busy with tractors etc and they leak oil on the road and snow. We try and stop Pax walking in the oil. In case He has the same problem as PIP

Any ideas ??


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  • Bob, I heard that the salt they put down on the roads can be bad for the paws (pads) and dry them out, so I started rubbing Vaseline into my dogs pads. Don't really know of it helped.

  • Yes I heard about that,

    Pip got break fluid on his paws and it dissolved the nail and they took the nail and then the whole toe,

    The cancer spread up the leg to His lungs and that was the end of Him

    I may try Olive oil to see how that goes.


  • Hi Bob I got this line for you for Pax.


    Keep your dog's nails trimmed

    Long nails will make your dog's toes spread when he walks, allowing more room for snow and ice buildup between his toes. This can make him feel like he's walking with marbles between his toes. Unclipped nails also affect your dog's weight distribution, pushing his weight onto the back of his feet. This means he'll have less traction and will be more likely to slip on icy surfaces.

    Trim the fur between toe pads

    By keeping the fur between the pads level with the pads themselves you'll reduce the amount of slushy snow, salt, and grit clinging to your dog's fur. Compacted snow salt on the bottom of your dog's feet will make walking difficult for him and affect his ability to stay on his feet. Ice and salt balls between his toes can also be a source of discomfort.

    Lubricate paws before heading outdoors

    Cold weather, ice, and salt can cause your dog's pads to dry out and crack. You can prevent this by wiping his paws with Vaseline or cooking spray before you take him out for a walk. Be sure to keep him off slick surfaces inside the house, such as tile, and outside the house, such as ice.

    Consider dog booties

    Dog boots provide the ultimate protection from the elements and help your dog retain body heat. As you can imagine, many dogs do not instantly take to wearing boots, so try a gradual approach. Let him wear booties in the house for short periods of time giving lots of praise (treats will help, too). Note: Velcro straps stay on the paws better than those that are tied.

    Check your de-icer

  • Great reply Hannah. Bev x

  • Hello Hannah

    Thanks for all the research, We are considering getting Him wellies for Dogs. Hazel and I were looking at His feet this morning and try and keep the fur away from pads.

    We have started using Olive or sunflower oil on His pads and we are considering using butter or lard as I feel Vaseline is an oil product and that is what we are trying to avoid.

    What worries me is cracks in the paws when Pax is on ice we worry he gets carsnagens from the road in his feet., road rock salt, oil and brake fluid, what they found on Pips paws.

    Hannah, Pax is now getting where He prefers not to be outside the garden when there is ice around, He likes galloping around the the house through the orchard and fruit tgarden.

    Thank you, how are you, ? They are starting my tests, wednesday, bit of a worry


  • Hi Bob I'm ok thanks, had a bad cold all week but nearly better now .

    Best of luck on Wednesday and I will keep you in my prayers. We will be here for

    You , as your always so kind to others here.

    Dublin is freezing too, brrr! Kind regards to Hazel and tell Pax to avoid that ice.

    Hannah x

  • Hi Bob your post made me think really for the first time about my sisters dog. As you know I take her out everyday but often in this weather it's only to the park across the road. She does get at least 20 minutes a day and spends the whole time racing round chasing her ball. I try and give her longer than than but have time constraints.

    I know my sister checks her over at least once a day and brushes her. She does check her paws, ears etc. regularly. We have very little snow and ice here so that doesn't really come into it. She occasionally gets a stone or twig between her pads but either me or my sister pick that up straightaway and deal with it. I hope you find the answer for Pax.

    Good luck with the tests on Wednesday. I will be thinking of you. Big hug Bev xx

  • Hello Bev

    Our Dogs are treated better than some kids I suppose,

    You are lucky not having snow or ice , The roads here are very dangerous, covered in black ice, it just keep thawing and freezing. Hazel has just tried to get Pax to go out before lunch and He will not move.

    Been very quiet over the last few days, Hazel has been sorting holidays out


  • My daughter bought dog shoe for her collie pup. They don't really stay on and she hates them. I just always used to have a bowl of soup water by the door and wash my dogs feet after a walk.

    Weve got thcik ice today. I couldn't get the door of my hen house open so I had to pour hot water on it. Then the hens refused to come out !


  • Hello Dee

    Pip generally does not like going out when there is snow, ice or rain, He is a fair weather dog. He will run around the house a few times and we have a flashing collar so we can find him as He sometimes hides when the fox is around.

    Thanks for your suggestions


  • Hi Bob

    I'm a dog groomer like what's been said keep the fur level with the pads on your dogs feet , standing them in apple cider vinegar diluted with water (1 part each ) is great for the paws. It clears any irritation up too.


  • Thanks Kjb

    Will try that, we had never seen a Dogs Claw dissolve before ??


  • No Bob I haven't heard of that.Obviously something extremely harsh !

  • Oh Bob, sorry to hear about your old dog Pip. I didn't know this and will investigate for Oscar as well. What about coconut oil rubbed in to protect - it is also meant to be good for dogs if they lick it off, and then I would try some dog boots. As Hannah says slowly introducing Pax to wearing them and maybe inducing with treats. What about Weatherbeata or Equafleece do they sell dog boots?

    Good luck for Wednesday ,

    Sarah x

  • We have been researching them, we have seen some designs that the dog would chew a they seem to have the dog walking on tiptoes. We will do more research as I would like to see before we buy.

    Thanks Sarah


  • Bob,

    We have had a few suspected cases of Alabama Rot near us over the last few days. It is normally fatal for dogs. I'm thinking that boots and a fleece for the dog would be a very good idea. I've washed Oscar today and yesterday after his walk as that seems to be latest advice but they don't know how they get it or from what. Oscar has a scratch on his tummy so I'll keep an eye on that as skin lesions are one of the first symptoms. I thought dogs were meant to be good for anxiety! I hope Pax and Hazel recovered from that dog attack last year.

    Good luck for tomorrow