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A few months ago I finished my cbt therapy and I thought I was all ok and finished with this for good but it's all just came back within a few months. A few days ago my mum just found out I self harmed and I feel so ashamed as she thought I was completely fine again; no one's ever known before but maybe it's gods way of telling me I need help again, who knows. You know when you just feel like you need someone to speak to? For me it's hard to talk about it face to face so I'm thinking of heading down the antidepressant route but I've heard mixed things about them and they're not 100%. If anyone has took them on here did they benefit you??


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  • Sammm there used to be a woman's help group that you could phone for confidential help chats I can't remember the phone number sorry but maybe you could Google it,it was originally given to me when I had counselling years ago.I would try to keep off antidepressants if possible in my experience people take longer to heal with counselling but stay well longer too. I'm sorry you're still self harming my granddaughter does too.all sorts of people have this problem even succesful people. It seems to be a way of distressing and letting the emotional pain go. maybe you and your mother can agree a safer way for you to express your inner pain and suffering,I've read that instead of using a knife it can help to draw a line with a red lipstick seeing the red is said to imitate the feeling you get from seeing blood after cutting yourselves.another way is to use a Soft toothbrush a grase cause less damage than a cut. Did your previous councillor know about your self harming its something that needs specialist help, good luck.

  • My depression goes and comes back not always sure what triggers it but I accept that I have it and when I feel it coming back I need and go get help. Don't feel ashamed make sense of it if you can , has something triggered it? at least you've acknowledged you need help that's the hardest thing. I had tried lots of different things and then anti depressants were my last resort as I was worried about going on them , my GP was fantastic and it was right for me and can honestly say I feel much better just take one day at a time.

    Good luck and great to talk on here x

  • Make an appointment with your GP and explain what has happened .

    When you were seeing your CPN did you not take any medication then ?.

    If you have self harmed you need help,

    We are always here to help, make that appointment


  • I personally think suffering from depression is similar to being an alcoholic in a way that its something we can dip in and out of throughout our lives..

    Get in touch with your CBT therapist as soon as you can and make an appointment but dont ever feel ashamed of being unwell ...if we broke a leg we wouldn't feel shame and this is no different...

    Try also talking to your pastor or someone you trust and keep praying for support honey

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