Hi, This is my first post so I'm a bit nervous!!

I'm worried I am suffering depression. I have always felt like I'm one of those people who is just generally down and have just accepted it. I would say this last 12 months have been my worse period of time. I have felt really low as though I just cant speak I feel that bad.

Trouble is I have 2 beautiful children who I love dearly and I feel Im not the mother they deserve to have and I get quite niggly sometimes and feel like I am snappy at the eldest.

Having 2 children I am really worried they will say I'm not fit to have them. Is there any mothers out there that deal with depression too??

Basically I want help - i know I need it - but scared!

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  • Hi Jay and welcome. I Am so sorry that your feeling afraid to ask for help. Now I'm not

    A Mum myself but I think with my Depression coping with children would be extra tough, as they can be demanding and would try your patience at times.

    My sister has three children and is not Depressed but she finds it hard at times,

    So your not alone. Please don't be afraid to ask for help, you should not

    Be worried about being a good Mum. Please go to your GP and get the ball rolling,

    You sound like a lovely caring Mum who wants to be the best, so make things a

    Bit easier by getting support. Please don't be nervous or scared as we are a friendly crowd. Lol

    Jay there will be lots of Mums here who will identify with you, most Mums feel

    Pressured at times. Do you have a partner or much support? This Forum is a great

    Support and you will get lots of TLC and encouragement here. I'm glad that you

    Took the brave first step of Posting.

    Warm hugs to you.


  • Depression is an illness and your GP is there to help you...I have a son and I had post natal depression when he was still a baby - they didn't take him away, he wasn't in any danger! As a mother, you are essentially looking out for your children as you want to be the best mum you can be for them, so it is better to get help sooner rather than let things linger on without help. I had another bout of depression recently, I am still on son is now 12, and no, they haven't taken him away because again, his needs are met, he is fed, clothed, has a roof, has friends, is happy and outgoing, does well at school. I'm sure professionals are used to seeing when a child is not being properly cared for and would know what signs to look for, so I'm sure you have nothing at all to worry about. As I say, it's better to go sooner rather than maybe letting things get worse and then it might take you a wee bit longer to recover. Good luck :-)

  • I just want to add, I know at least three other mothers I can think of straight off the top of my head who have also suffered depression, and they had 1, 2 and 3 children respectively. Their children weren't taken away either, please try not to worry, I suspect that if you could get more mums to open up you would find it is far more common than you may think. xx

  • Hello Jay

    Welcome to our jolly pages of depressives Lol

    First I would advise you to see your GP especially if you are concerned that your mood is affecting your attitude with your children.

    Do you have a Partner, He should help and give support ?.

    All I can say is I would imagine your Children will think the world of you so you need to put your mind at rest, so make that appointment ?.

    If you need support we are generally around, sometimes we have the same feelings as you so you are not alone

    Take care


  • Many mothers have depression and still take care of their children. The trick is to get your depression treated and then you'll be able to better care for your children. It's hard to make phone calls when you're feeling down, but you Have to do it. Make your self DO it!! Call for an appointment and get that help. The longer you wait, the sicker you may be. Then the more your children are affected.

    What you probably aren't noticing is that your whole household is not being maintained at your usual levels. There are things that you've been falling behind on and they'll only get worse as you keep declining. You may not be keeping up your relationships either. Your husband, friends and family probably are noticing this. Just get yourself to the Doctor and get your life back, please. Your friends and family and YOU deserve more.

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