The last few months i have heard things in my head....i listen and its all jumbled , i check the house for radio tv its nil , i sit at night with tv on the same thing happens . my ears against the walls of nieghbours ...nothing ...I feel as if am going mad .....I suffer with bad depression . I can sleep for 24hours aday , i have no energy .do not like going out ,people i see are watching me . My phytrist cannot spell it just says take more of nite time med it will help ..............I feel as if am getting no where . I do self harm but been good for 2 months and feel proud . But its the noises in my head .told the all i see things written on my ceiling but no one believes me ...what do i have to do to get more help ...can anyone help me please xx


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  • Back to the GP . Tell him or her just what you have described here. Have you got someone who you trust to go with you and support you ?

    I'd say that if this GP doesn't believe you then a change of GP is necessary. It is not good to have these experiences and maybe a change in medication is called for rather than more of the same.

    I do hope things work out. Keep posting here if you are troubled


  • Hi

    Things sound really bad for you right now. You don't say where you are so it's difficult to give much help.

    I guess you need to see your psychiatrist or contact your crisis number. You need help now.

  • Hi,

    I agree with Dee go back to your GP and if you can take someone with you for support. I'd suggest before you go you write a list of your experiences how often they happen and what your psychiatrist is doing. I know I always had a voice in my head which at worst turned into lots of voices. My GP was very understanding and took time to explain things to me. I made sure that not only did he prescribe medication for me to help me sleep as well as anti-depressants, but that he also get me some further help. So I got signed up for a CBT program for anxiety and depression and then for a Stress Control group. Both helped. You should see if your NHS region offers these courses or something similar.

    I didn't get on well when I was sent to see a psychiatrist. but that's because it was locums and I got upset at having to repeat everything every time I went cause it was someone different. The one that told me to smile , really upset me.

    One other thing I can say to you is that someone told me that it is okay to hear voices. I know I got really upset about the voice and voices. They said it was the brains way of trying to deal with things.

    Take care and please go and see your GP again. If you want the names of the courses I was on, let me know and I'll send you the names of them and more details about what they were about.

  • You need to go and speak with your psychiatrist today if its possible and if you cant get in to see him ring your Gp and insist you see them today...if that does not work its A&E...Ask a friend or family member to go with you...x

  • Dear Vienna

    I also had terrifying time when I was 18/19 (am now 47) where the phone would ring and there would be like a hundred voices chatting and talking at the same time. I was so scared I would curl up in a corner and just plead with it to stop. I did not pick up on any conversations at all, just thought the voices were 'at me'. It passed, when you calm down, it will pass. You need to learn how to relax, which is very hard when you are in an anxious state. I do believe you. I was severely anorexic, (5ft 8 and 5.7 stone) which is self harming also. It is great you feel proud of coming out of this. You sound as if you are progressing. Keep at possitivity.

  • I to suffer from depression. You may be experiencing psychotic depression. What is your age and do you take any recreational drugs. I am a registered mental health nurse.

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