How ???

Hi please tell me how you take off 16 pounds after putting it on after changing from medications. I struggle with my weight constantly to keep it at the correct weight for me, now I'm suffering (badly) to even come to terms IV put all this added awful fat. It's not the end of the world I hear you say. Well it feels like it is for me as it t changes and effects my life's and myself so much, Xxc


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  • Hello Sandra

    Have words with your GP

    He can arrange a course of keep fit at health centre

    Arrange a course in Hospital to assist in eating well and loosing weight

    In surgery life therapist for loosing weight and changing your outlook to food.

    General Surgery Nurse, She will keep an eye on your weight. You will possibly prescribed weight loss pills over a given period.


  • Hi Bob no one gets weight loss pills for being just over a stone overweight. You have to be seriously overweight to get them and might not even then. x

  • That is/was me, done all the courses as well Bev, with me it is the drugs and I cannot come of the things. Last time I was on a Weight Loss Course in hospital and they agreed had a problem with my medications. I was with those who were going to have their operations,

    Was not there for the ops, they really push hard before they agree surgery


  • Hi lovely. There's no quick fix and I've tried the weight loss pills oralistat. They have awful side effects. I would stay clear. I would first try exercise and healthy eating. It's very hard I know and quite boring. The nice food is too tempting and food can be a comfort. Even if meds have caused the increase in weight you can try with food to lose a bit. I'm overweight and hate it so maybe we could encourage one another? Xxx remember you are beautiful xxx

  • Hi Sandraan

    I know how you feel as I watch my weight all the time to stay the size I am. What does help me is loads of exercise. I walk my dog a few miles a day and do yoga (get a dvd). This really helps me maintain a healthy body weight. I do like all the bad stuff but I only have a little. And no don't go down the pills route, you can do it yourself.

    Sending hugs


  • I am a former anorexic and believe me being 16 pounds over what you want to be is healthier than being 4 stone under. I bet you look great and if you dont mind me saying.. my eldest child has curves I dream of having. I am like flat stanley. Dress up, feel great, and happy new year. Love your body. xxx

  • at 5ft 8inchs and 5.5 stone i looked ridiculous, so much so my family refused to keep photoes. I am now healthy 9-10 stone. Accept your body as it is, the hardest thing i had to do. It is your personality people want to meet, the person within, not the worrier! Please love your body and the rest will follow. xx

  • I know what you are saying about love your body but we have a serious obese problem now in this country (UK) Yes, 16 pounds isn't that overweight but I know if I was a stone and 2llbs over the weight I am I would feel terrible and unfit. People are just getting bigger and bigger and that presents serious problems for people in later years and puts a huge strain on our NHS. I know certain medications can alter weight but by and large it comes down to what you put into your mouth and how much you exercise.

    Great that you are now a healthy weight.

  • I agree. But until you learn to love your body and yourself, only then you can do something with it. People with obesity dont always realise they are cared for. I would feel terrible if I was a mite overweight, but everyone has a different milestone. If i ever went over 9.4 I start feeling guilty, but why should we feel like that. My ex is 18 stone and successful in his job, so why worry about weight. I am unsuccessful in mine because of watching weight so much.

  • Just discovered reading again. Reading The Girl on the Train. Xmas pressie. My new year thingy will be to read more so any suggestions appreciated.

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