Love Poem

A little poem I wrote, not that good but yeah..

Every time I think of you,

I never knew that I loved you.

And after all these broken dreams,

I need you here by me.

That someone can mean so much,

that can fall apart from a single touch.

And I can't help but cry every night,

When I wake and your not by my side.

Its not fair that we're apart,

I just want to find a way back to your heart.

Sometimes I find it hard for me to say,

The things I think about you through the day.

Its too late your a part of me,

Sorry no apology.

1 Reply

  • It is your poem with your heartfelt feelings in it, so never put yourself down when you have written something so personal.

    Your poem struck a cord with me. I had to give up my husband earlier this year and I am struggling with him not being around, but I know what I did was right but it still hurts.

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