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Probably several are aware of this but for those of us with Bipolar disorder, particularly Bipolar 2 , Jim Phelp's website "" is first-class. We have unfortunately nothing like it in the UK.

The site contains an awful lot of information written by one of the USA's foremost experts on Bipolar disorder, anxiety etc and you would certainly need a morning or maybe more to get through all the information relevant to any one sufferer.

For those of us suffering for Bipolar 2 who want insight into our condition and are therefore willing to read a bit,it would be hard to imagine a better site.

If of interest I would start with the "about this site" pages which establish why it exists, how it is funded, its independence of drug company money , etc.

Mr Phelps covers pretty well all forms of treatment and where his recommendations are controversial, or opinions differ he is always careful to note this.

Can't recommend it too highly.

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  • Hi Olderal. Thanks for posting that link. I'm sure anyone who is bipolar will

    Be glad to take a look at it. It's great that there are sites like this that help

    Sufferers feel less alone and isolated.


  • Yes looks good. Thanks for posting.