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Hi I've been reading posts from about a month ago and my feelings of people talking and making jokes of others is that they don't have a very happy life . If people have to gossip negatively about others for whatever reason they must not have anything better to talk about. So stay positive and strong. I think those of us with depression eventually turn out much better people because of what we've been through and still struggling to get through. I wish everyone with depression and anxiety gets the treatment they need to get well and enjoy life. In my opinion there is no physical pain that comes anywhere near mental pain. Take good care everyone.


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  • Hi I don't remember anyone on here talking about others negatively or making jokes about them? Some of us have been here quite a while so will josh each other sometimes. I think a sense of humour is essential with depression don't you?

  • Yes I agree. My best friend has more problems than anyone I know yet she always has a great sense of humor. I think that's how she copes. I have never joined any forums online before this is my first and I apologize for my earlier post regarding making fun of people. I need to be clearer about what I'm trying to say. I was reading several posts and came across one that I felt like replying to . Anyway in the post someone was depressed and having problems at work and had a meeting with bosses and I guess it got out that he/she was on anti depressants. So naturally people will talk. She/he felt that Co - workers were making fun of him/her. I just wanted to let it be know that people who do that are usually unhappy with their own life and it makes them feel better when they poke fun at others. Sorry for the misunderstanding and no hurt feelings.

  • Hello ginalee

    I do not make nasty remarks regard anyone on site If this has happened, it should not happen.

    A certain number, like me have been on site for quite a time and sometimes we will have a chat between us when the site is slack.

    All of the "Oldies", will not cause upset intentionally and I always try and treat all contributors with respect and understanding.

    If you feel in any way upset chat with the help sign at the top of the page. If you feel you want to just chat, we are here for you to do that. You will find those who have been on here for an extended period will be more than happy to chat.

    We look forward to you coming on the site to chat or talk about anything that you feel worried or depressed about. In fact I agree with your points regarding mental health sufferers, As I have been involved with Mental Health Charities and NHS Departments now for over seven years. Generally we are all stronger because we suffer from a really nasty illness

    All the very best


  • O boy guess my post was pretty vague. Sorry I was not implying anyone's posts were making fun of anyone. What I was referring to was someone posted that she was depressed and having problems at work and Co workers were making fun of her and as all of us that has depression knows we would never do that! Everyone that posts on here is genuine in my feelings. The point I was trying to get across is that people that gossip negatively about others with whatever problems they might be having must not have an interesting life if all they talk about is others prooblems. Again I'm am sorry for the confusion.

  • Hello ginalee

    That is ok, on occasions people can be nasty when they realize someone they know suffers from this illness.

    Again I say if you feel you need to chat or let something out that has been bothering you now you know where to come. There are many on this site that will try and give support and understanding of this awful illness so you know where to come.

    I really do agree that Society can be very cruel when dealing with mental health issues.

    We can help and lsten


  • The thing with this site is that there are just so many people I want to poke fun at! 😛

  • Hello Lucy

    How are you getting on, long time since you have been on here.

    How are you managing


  • Hey Bob, feeling a little more human these days! How're you? X

  • Not to bad, Have sciatica these days, both legs, Better than one suppose. They balance each other.


    Pleased your Mood is a bit better. our Pax is still young and daft.

    You have a nice long holiday now, are you going anywhere nice ?


  • I agree 100% happy people do not do things and say things to make others unhappy and i also agree to get treatment. Medication and counselling can make a huge difference but here is one tip from me. When your in those thoughts that make your stomach churn do whatever you need to do to think of something else. Everything starts with a thought and our bodies psychically respond to our thoughts either in a sad or happy way. If your body feels bad when your thinking of something its saying its bad for you. LISTEN TO IT x

  • Ive heard of people talking about negative replies to posts. Aren't people horrible sometimes? We are all on here because of various anxieties and I'd like to think we are all singing from the same hymn sheet - so to speak! Report anyone who acts like an ass. Ive heard reports about swearing too. I suppose its quite hard to monitor what is and is not acceptable as some people use that sort or language in everyday conversation. Still, I think members should be aware of when swearwords aren't really acceptable.

    Keep strong.