The Critical Inner Voice (Pt. 2)

Now I am contradicting myself from a previous post (but it gets you thinking). Is the critical inner voice FOR or AGAINST your ongoing development? Everyone says to ignore the critical inner voice, that it's destructive and full of negative thoughts and beliefs and that it stops you from doing anything.

Here is what my critical inner voice advises me:

You're not good enough. You must push yourself further. Be more generous and fair with others. Don't be selfish. Create products of enduring quality.

Here is what my realistic inner voice advises me:

You're good enough. You don't need to push yourself. You can be somewhat selfish with others. Be selfish. Mediocre products are fine.

There's only one problem, I have a hard time accepting the realistic inner voice because I planted the seed of high expectations. It's not easy to reverse that programming.

Your thoughts?

4 Replies

  • People made me worthless and because it was from childhood i belaved it my inner voice has been shouting at me to get out and it tells me all the time I just go to sleep and that's it peace at last

  • Surely that would depend on how you use the word critical as it has quite a few meanings.It can mean something is vital and important or to show flaws

    You say your critical voice says "You must push yourself further. Be more generous and fair with others. Are these things that you do not do if not then doing them would improve you as a person". ? ?

  • Bagpus, nobody is perfect—everything is in degrees—but that's why I try and push myself. I'm full of flaws. But I always feel there is room for improvement...

  • Our flaws make us individual , embrace them unless its a serial killer