A bit more advice please

Hi good friends, thanks to your good advice I found out I am deficient in B12 and my folate is 5. I finished my loading doses 2 weeks ago. I feel very well at the moment and hope it continues. I went on Amazon to look at the supplements you all advise. Of course I had never heard of sublingual,bio available - all double Dutch to me. Do you think Sublingual b12 ( what dosage) plus Folate (meta Folin) 800 mg. would be advise able for me to take so that I don't start feeling off before my dose in 3 months time. I am 71 and new to the forum . Thanks Lin


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5 Replies

  • Hi Lin this is a Depression Forum and we cannot give medical

    Advice. This could be dangerous. I suggest you go to your GP and

    Get a blood Test and take it from there.

    Then you will know you are doing the right thing for yourself. I would

    Never come to a Forum for Medical Advice, as no one here has Medical

    Qualifications. Lin good luck with the Dr.


  • Lin, think you meant to post this on the PAS forum. Best thing is probably to keep a diary of symptoms to see when symptoms start returning as you might be one of those mythical creatures for whome 3 months is fine. That way you can sort out things.

    You'll get plenty of help on the PAS forum.

    Think you mean 800mcg on the folate- which is in line with recommended upper daily intake in the EU.

  • Thanks a lot Gambit,I always appreciate your advice and will wait and see how the next 3 months go. I will not be on the forums as feel good but will let you know how I am in 3 months. Keep up the good work of helping each other.Best Wishes Lin

  • Hello Lin

    Welcome to our site,

    Let me know how you get on with your B12 and Folic Acid, I take Folic Acid when I am taking DMARD medications, so I would always advise you chat with your GP when taking this, I understand they are putting this in bread now as our diets are starved of this drug especially when women are expecting.

    Take advice


  • Thanks Bob, I don't see my doctor very much except when he wants to talk about my anti depressants so I don't like making appointment just to ask him about taking extra supplements. I will wait and see how the next 3 months go and you never know with a bit of luck the B12 injections every 3 months may be enough for me. Thanks for advise Lin

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