Not posted for a while

Not posted for a while as I've been feeling better and back at work. For 20 years I've suffered from depression with no real reason, chemical imbalance.. A few triggers along the way, but sometimes even when my life has been good bouts of depression. Now I have a reason ! And strangely calm. Was shocked to be called back for breast screening so quickly after my first scan. Found some lumps, a shadow and puckering in my right breast. Had an ultrasound and six wide bore needle biopsies. Totally shocked as thought I was just there for another scan cos my first ever didn't come out properly. Go back for results on the 20th. Totally numb at the mo. Usually I would fall apart but ok lol

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  • Hi oh I really feel for you as every woman dreads that don't they? I am not surprised you are in shock, all of us would be. Now the good news - it is much more likely to be benign or a cyst or something. If it is not then nowadays it is eminently curable and is no longer the death sentence it was many years ago.

    I am thinking of you my love, try and stay strong and brave and let us know please.

    Lots of hugs Bev xx

  • Hi Obriens, firstly I am glad to hear that you've felt well recently :) I think strangely calm/numb is a common reaction to something like this. Probably the best reaction right now if you ask me - as there is no point in worrying until you've had your results. For some people this would be easier said than done. If the calmness wears off then do feel free to come on here to talk it out. I don't have any experience with this particular situation but I would do my best, as I am sure will others on the forum. I hear many people having a second screening that comes back clear. Take care and keep us posted if you feel up to it xxx

  • Thank you for the support xx

  • You are welcome love. I am just sorry you have had so few replies. Take care Bev xx

  • Ah that's ok Bev. People have their own problems. Xx

  • How are you doing hun ? Xx

  • Hi O Brien and sorry that I'm only replying now. I had my friends 11 year

    Old girl staying with me for last two days , so I haven't had a .

    O Brien I'm really sorry that you are waiting for biopsy results. It's always

    Hard but try and leave the worrying till you get the results, and I know that's

    Often easier said than done. I am going for biopsy next Weds on Bowel but

    Funny enough will try and switch off until I hear final results.

    Please let us know how the results go and I hope everything will be clear. No

    Matter what , we are here for you and we will help you out and support you.

    I think it's always easier to bear anything if we feel we have support and love,

    And you will have that here.

    So please get back to us, and you will be in my thoughts.

    Warmest wishes

    Hannah xx

  • Sorry to hear your news. Keep being positive. Sending hugs..Regards Lorna.

  • Really sorry to hear your news.

    Generally speaking the second call up does not mean you have a problem just that they want to double check something. A good percentage if something is found will be very treatable so keep calm and it will only be just over a week and you will know if the tests need further actions

    Good Luck, I would say break a leg, Although that is just to painful and the world is not a stage LOL


  • Hi,

    I'm sorry to hear your news. I've not been around this weekend much and have just logged on.

    I can imagine your shock and the waiting is awful. I had a 'severe' cervical smear result and was beside myself. It arrived on the 31st December last year and I couldn't speak to anyone at the hospital as it was closed. It was awful.

    My heart goes out to you, it is just shocking news. The not knowing is so hard to deal with. I was seen within two weeks of the smear result but then you have to wait for further biopsy results. So I have some understanding of what you are going through. Numb is a good word. Alternating between upset, shock, fear etc.

    You can't do anything now, so look after yourself. Try not to goggle symptoms etc.

    To echo Bev, my mother has lumps in her breast which are benign cysts. She has had them for several decades and they are drained every now and then.

    Fingers crossed for you.

    Sending you kind, compassionate thoughts and lots of hugs.

    Sarah xxx

  • Hi Obrien s3 hope the results are fine. Like you I have had depression for yrs and 3 yrs ago had breast surgery to remove abnormal cells . Everything was fine no cancer but it triggered a serious depression oh forgot to mention I went off of antidepressants a few months prior to that cuz therapist felt I had been stable enough for quit a while. Needless to say I'm back on the meds and have no desire to go back off them again.i am 55 yrs old and been off and on antidepressant since after having my 1st child age 22. Again good luck with results and glad your feeling good

  • Thank you all for your messages of support and sorry I have not responded individually been a bit all over the place. Got my results today I have early stage breast cancer, going for an MRI scan on Friday to determine how big the lumps (2) are then discuss surgery options. Was a bit tearful but trying to stay strong, at least they caught it early xx

  • Good to hear it's early stage you are going to be just fine. Keep your chin up