Migraine and nausea when having counselling

Hi all. My line manager asked me to get in touch with our workplace counselling company because my anxiety and depression were impacting badly on my work. Had first appointment yesterday.... Didn't drag up any majorly traumatic experiences or anything, however within a few minutes I suddenly developed a banging headache and felt like I was going to throw up. I was trying to hide it for so long but 40 minutes I had to admit that I wasn't well because i had to resort to head-between-knees-deep-breathing to stop me being sick. The lady said this was quite common during a counselling session as you are finally getting things off your chest. I must say it took me by surprise. Wondered whethe anybody else has experienced these symptoms when talking with a therapist? I wonder if it was just stress/tension as I had gr lost on the way and was 20 minutes late, knew I was going to be late tot collect my daughter etc Xx

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  • Hi Tazmania, I remember after my work place counselling feel giddy and sick and couldn't drive for at least 30 minutes . I sat in my car crying something that I hadn't done since a child. It was like some one had open the tap to all the darkness I had been suffering . So to answer your question I experienced the same feeling.i think counsellors need to be made aware of how traumatic the first counselling session is . I wish I had taken someone with me . Take care Ian.

  • Hi Ian, thanks for your reply. I really did not feel fit to drive afterwards - especially not through a town i've neve been before with all the lanes and weird systems. However i had to rush to collect my daughter so just put the windows down and tried to breathe well .... maybe next time i will allow time at the end to wind down. Reassuring to know it's not just me, take care xx

  • Was that a panic attack? I think you can take steps to help prevent them Im not sure. But poor you what an aweful experience. Hope you feel better tomorrow XX

  • Hi Caroline, it didn't feel like a panic attack at all, especially as it lasted over an hour and was fixed by paracetamol in the end. Just a bad migraine with nausea, just came on suddenly .... feel much better now, thank you :)

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