mood swings

i got diagnosed with anxiety and depression when i was 15 and have been dealing with it on my own ever since, for the past year or so i go through stages of being 'happy' spending money that i don't really have and then i kind of wake up one day a bit shocked at what i have done I'm then fine for 2 weeks max and then end up having nightmares for around a week after this comes the depression.

also i will be fine one minute and then i can just snap at anyone without even realising.

does anyone else get these type of mood swings? and if so how do you manage them?

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  • Hello july

    Sad to say most of people on site could relate to this so you are not alone. Do you feel there is something that brings this problem on.??

    Have you discussed this with you GP


  • Hi do you have bi polar? What you have described sounds just like it. I am not saying it is coz I am no doctor but maybe you should go back to yours and explain what is happening. x

  • Hi July. and welcome here to our merry group. Lol

    Now when you say you have been dealing with your moods on your own,

    Am I right in thinking that you are not on Meds etc.

    I really think it would be best if you go to your GP and have a

    Chat, make sure and tell him all especially the spending. That crazy

    Spending can be a part of mood disorder like Bipolar, so best to get his opinion.

    The fact that you are young gives you a chance to get sorted and start

    Looking after yourself. Good luck with it , and let us know how you get on.

    Hugs to you

    Hannah xx

  • I never knew that crazy spending can be part of a mood disorder like Bipolar. I guess it makes sense. I sometimes look back at my childhood and wonder whether my mother has mild Bipolar. I always just thought she was incredibly moody and passive aggressive. But the moods were very extreme, almost manic at times.

    Hugs to you Hannah,

    Sarah x

  • thanks for your comments guys :) i have an appointment in the morning with the doctor so hopefully will get it sorted x

  • Hiya, welcome to the site and I truly hope the doctor helps this morning. Well done for making the appointment.


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