dont know!!

im a female aged 21, and have had issues within my family for the past 5-6years. i have now lost all motivation, sex drive, and confidence with myself. generally a cant be bothered attitude. i have put on 4 1/2 stone in 2 years and when i do start to lose it, i lose all motivation again. i was wondering wether this was linked in any way with depression, as i feel like i always let down those around me.

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  • Generally it can be difficult to say what is causing above. Not knowing what the problems are with family are all I can say growing up through your teens can be so problematic because of all those hormones that rush around teens bodies.

    With regard sex do you at this time have anyone to do the deed with ?. Personally you have a crowded life ahead of you and just take your time.

    Wit regard to your weight, your GP will give you advice there as it can be caused by many straight forward problems.


  • Hi I feel that you need to be brutally honest with yourself. You and only you

    Can change your weight. I would feel awful and desperate if I was so overweight.

    You are limiting your chances of health as well, so try and get started on a

    Diet. Any GP will tell you to address your weight problem first, as I woukd be so

    So unhappy if I had to lose that much weight.

    There are great NHS sites to help with weight loss and it would be worth joining

    One. You have choices and you really need to make a decision and decide if

    You want to be healthy or to risk bad health or diabetes or heart problems.

    You are 21 which is great , as you have lots of time to make changes and

    Get yourself to a place of being happy with yourself. I'm not sure if you

    Are working or self supporting or a student? Regardless it's not too late

    And you can get help and start to change your life. The good thing

    Is that you are contemplating a change, and that's an important part

    In making a change. So good luck and you will get there.

    Please stick around for support if you feel you want to, as this a lovely

    Supportive Forum and we could do with a few new members. Lol.


  • Hiya hon, As a lady with similar girth issues may I thing at a time...

    the weight will sort itself when you're feeling better. I suspect you're currently in a vicious circle of feeling bad over eating feeling bad etc. Personally I spoke to my gp got some support for mood, depression and am dealing with the weight slowly but feeling in control and better about myself so doing more which helps the weight loss..see? I'm trying to move into a different circle not always easy but nicer that before..hugs..

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