Long days

Hi guys do u ever feel like u r on a different plain to everyone around you?I've tried many times to explain to doctors that I don't feel like I'm here, I get replies like"oh that's called detachment" or its medication related? I just want an ordinary life no frills no lottery wins, just to enjoy some days would b amazing, hope u r all having a better day than yesterday :) x

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  • Hi I understand what you mean. Doctors try to explain everything according to the 'Medical Model'. I wouldn't mind a few frills though and a lottery win would be good :d

    Bev x

  • Thinking about it Sue a lottery win would b welcome x

  • Hiya hon, I feel the same completely different but I've now come to realise I quite like it here. Here I can be myself not what others tell me I should be.My past life has made me different but different is good, I handle my moods differently, I take help when offered by docs etc but sort inside my head by myself I'm now called " quirky" but I'm living coping and loving myself weird bits and all..😁

  • Hi willow, yes I can relate to your feelings of being on a different plain!! It's the so called modern world, it's to fast to techno and no real community feeling. I live in the past. I like the simple things in life. Life is so complicated, and many people find it hard to cope. We all put on a brave face but inside a lot struggle to cope. I feel very detached and like you want an ordinary life. I'm not into materialism and a big house as I know that won't make me happy. Just love, kindness and understanding. I work, have friends but I think to much and see to much. I lost my dad which didn't help and I get down and lonely inside. I hate feeling this way, but it's out of my control. How are you doing? Regards Elaine

  • Hi Elaine I'm a bit better today just plodding on like you do, it was lovely to receive a reply thanku :) how r you xx

  • Hi, good to hear from you! Yes plodding is the word I use a lot. Why is it we feel like this? It's such a horrid place to be. At least we know we are not alone with these feelings. I'm munching on thortons toffee right now. Not good, but yummy! Will have to walk it of tomorrow. Keep in touch and keep strong, not easy I know. Remember I feel exactly like you. Xxxxx