you should exlain with full name so people know what it stands for. Seratonin, the lack of it causes deppression, food, fish too expensieve, in Uk. SO SUPPLIMENTS, SHOULD BE SUPPLIED. Even a simple multivitamin, are imported, most peaple can afford these. HEALTH FOOD shops are sky high, charge what they like, its scandlus . MENTALATION BEHAVIOR THERAPY . NUTRION first, with medication. BUT....the nutrition , is even more expensieve, proper supervison not given, when diagnosed. ........

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  • a) do you mean CBT rather than CBC - CBT is cognitive based therapy. Depression often isn't helped by the patterns of thought people have so CBT is aimed at changing these patterns.

    Unfortunately nutrition doesn't always help - and may not have a direct link to serotonin becuase the brain has a barrier around it that stops a lot of chemicals seeping through. Your body needs to be able to process foods into the right formats for them to be able to cross the barrier. I'm pretty sure that serotonin isn't something that would actually cross the barrier which means that you would need to supplement with all the nutritional building blocks. Also, it isn't necessarily the only chemical involved. Depression is actually a name for a cluster of symptoms that can have multiple causes and hence need to be treated in very different ways.

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