crying again

I don't know why I am feeling like this.maybe its cos I know something serious is going dogs are getting worse in that they lie around with their heads on their paws with the concerned look in their eyes they ve had for a long time.

It s more like to do with my previous gp and practice manager not accepting liability for their actions.

I have proof now cos she sent me an email which not only had wrong appointment dates on it ,the reason for the appointments was incorrect .it also said that I had had scan and test results-impossible as I didn't have the scan until the 20th and she claimed I got the results on the 15th may (unless she is psychic)but I never even had an appointment that day-it was the 18th.i never got my scan/test results as they cancelled the appointment I had booked for the 1st June.

The appointment on the18th was to discuss physio results with GP and he also reviewed my meds which I was due to see DR H for on the that appointment was cancelled and rebooked allowing for scan results to reach the GP.she also claimed I "met "with her on the 2nd june and had an appointment on 3rd june with Dr D.again impossible as they had removed my name by then.they also breached guidelines because the area team said they were responsible for my care until the 9th June,that never happened,so whose. to know what they have recorded in my notes,it wont contain his dismissal of symptoms and comments made.they've avoided answering questions put to them.

struggling to cope with being at another surgery.its like going back in time cos living in the "dark ages" compared to my other one.want to be back where I was.

I just want to sleep and not wake up and scared for my dogs that I wont be there for them


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  • It sounds as though there is confusion about the dates and reasons for appointments with the old practice - you have a right to see your medical records, so could you perhaps ask for a copy of them, that way you can check - the records will have been written up at the time so are likely to be correct in terms of date and the general gist of appointments. x

  • i am thinking I should go to the gp this pm,she only works mon and tues,

  • I wouldn't try to talk it through with the GP at the old practice, but write to the practice manager and ask for a copy of your records, say what dates you would like them between.

    Good idea to see someone at the new practice if you are feeling so bad, tell them how you are feeling but I wouldn't mention anything about the old practice - start with a clean slate :)

  • my notes would be transferred over now.i am finding it hard to "let go" when been with GP for 10 +years and they treat you that way.difficult to start again.

  • Hello Choco

    You can make an appointment to see your medical records, This can be done at the surgery, you are at now, or if your records are on computer these records would have been passed across from that old practice.

    Depending on surgeries hospital test results and visits will also be on computer, sometimes these records will be on paper or passed onto your GP Records. computer.

    Whatever has happened you will see records back to a certain date, if the records are in paper and the GP feels you viewing these letters will be bad for your condition they can refuse paper supported information to a certain date

    One thing I personally recommend is when you go to hospital you you always ask for a copy of the report your GP will get. This is a legal right and I now have a file of them now at home.

    Generally with records they are sent by computer from hospital, that was the case at my old surgery, this prevents a paper chase at the surgery. I am not sure if this is always the case at all surgeries. So you will need to talk to reception.

    When viewing your records you will be ushered into a vacated room, sometimes this can be problematic as many rooms can be in constant use.

    Remember your records will show the problems you have had with your old practice, take into consideration how those entries are shown and your new practice Always try and keep your new relationship with your new surgery separate from your old. You will need to form a new relationship with your new GP. According to the new practice you should be starting afresh, try not to complicate matters. Remember you are in partnership with your GP regards your Health. To complicate that relationship can become problematic.


  • thanks Bob,they are making out that I am to blame when it was the Gp's lack of support and refusal to treat etc,he is liable

  • Just called the surgery and all appointments gone with the gp they assigned me too.just read an article about ovarian cancer and woman had a massive mass in her abdomen yet her scan was negative.if my stomach was fat it would not be causing the pain and discomfort it is or pressure and lack of appetite…(know this is AOD forum.).need to see my dogs concern.I do believe dogs know and pick up on cancer and other illnesses in their owners.too many signs

    Waiting to hear from PHSO with depressed as I am I'm not giving up on battle with old gp.

  • Our Pax picks up on stacks of markers I send out, all dogs seem to watch what is going on and pick up when we are ill, upset, or in distress. They will also pick up on a confusion and anger.

    The secret there of course is to be always happy and well. Then you will have a happy dog


  • Hi Bob I know they do.I've just seen the change in them in the last couple of years since my health started to deteriorate.

    Are you originally from the Scottish Borders?just wondered because of your name.

  • From the SE Northumberland,

    Now live on the Scottish/English Border and you ??


  • Im from live in north Northumberland.

  • Hi CA I know how you feel coz I have just had a run in with my surgery and still feel very annoyed. But having said my piece to the practice manager, even though she twisted everything, I am satisfied I have said what I needed to for my own self esteem and now I will let it drop (unless they drop me from their lists that is).

    I hope things pick up for you at your new surgery.

    bev x

  • Can I ask what your "run in" was about?.pm me if you wish

  • No worrries. I put a review of their surgery in giving it just one star and saying why. Well I got an email the very next day from the practice manager saying ring her. This is what I put in a different site.

    Around 10 days ago I put a post in about a review of my surgery I put in online and the reply from the Practice Manager

    Well today I rang her and got absolutely nowhere.

    It seems, despite the NICE guidelines and what others on here have said, it is ok to be diagnosed with copd by a nurse as she was a high end nurse and could diagnose and prescribe without referral to a doctor. I didn't need an x-ray on diagnosis because they had taken my bloods via a blood test and they were fine.

    I said they have consistently refused to tell me whether I have emphysema or Chronic Bronchitis and she just went on about it is all COPD. She did make me an appointment to see a doctor to 'discuss my health concerns' and get 'reassurance' as though I am an idiot. Maybe I am....

    I asked for a chest x-ray from a doctor several times but it wasn't on the notes, therefore I mustn't have. Doh. I did.

    As for the doctor prescribing me penicillin when I told him last time I took it I got a severe allergic reaction, she just said it wasn't on my notes therefore they didn't know! I pointed out that I did tell him and why didn't he believe me? Well it wasn't on my notes!

    I also went to see another doctor about depression (and I know exactly what month and year it was) who not only didn't diagnose me but said my symptoms didn't matter, gave me some leaflets on sleeping, then called me an 'Uptight Person'. It was May 2009 but she claimed it wasn't on her notes so it wasn't true, and the last time I saw him was in 2004! She insisted that every detail of any consultation is always put on the notes, so (in other words) I was telling lies. Yeah right!

    She also claimed I had been fully supported by the surgery and why I didn't think so was because of my 'health anxiety'. She didn't put it quite that way but that was the message.

    So here I am sitting here seething coz I have basically been called a liar, over anxious, and stupid! My phone ran out of charge just at the end but I bet she thinks I hung up on her. I hope they kick me off their lists so it gives me the push I need to find another surgery.

    Bev x

    Oh she also said that copd was just an extension of my asthma! I pointed out that copd is a serious chronic illness not just an extension...

    bev xx

  • I get told it s anxiety but tell them it s not Its "being concerned" and they can do no wrong,at least now I have these letters I have evidence.will the PHSO take my complaint seriously.

  • Hi Bev

    It was strange reading your post about the problem you are having with your GP surgery as I had just been thinking about my problem with our surgery and what to do about it!

    I feel that GPs now have so little time that they fail to actually listen and more importantly hear what the patient is saying. They jump to obvious conclusions and then don't have the mental space or the time to consider other alternatives. Because their training is long they assume they have special knowledge that the rest of us don't have whereas educated people have equal intelligence to theirs, access to information online and in books and plenty of time to research and follow things up - unlike GPs. So in many ways we may be MORE knowledgeable about some specific aspects of medicine than they are, especially when those areas are of interest to us because of our own health problems.

    I really don't know where to go with my health concerns because I feel that in going back to the GP I will be likely to get a similar response to each of you writing here - that I am insisting on something being wrong when it is not. Clearly if someone feels unwell then there is a problem and if the GP is unable to work out what the problem is then they really ought to be referring on to specialists and if one specialist can't find the cause or solution then others working in connecting fields should be referred to. I think it is crazy to treat patients as if they are imagining things or being dramatic about them.

    I haven't got the energy right now to even think through in order to explain the problem I am having, but I hope you both find a way to sort things out and have your concerns vindicated.


  • Hi sue.I wrote a reply but lost it.will do so when I get on the main computer.

  • It's ok, I was responding to Bev but when I downloaded it that bit didn't get on the site.

  • Hi Sue,thought you were addressing us both from your last paragraph when you said "both"

  • Oh yes, I was in that para - sorry I am not really with it due to having a chest infection.

  • :) Sue. It is exactly right what you said GP,'s not all of them, but too many seem to treat patients as though they are mental defectives as though they have all the answers and no one else must even question it.

    It seems to be endemic in hospitals too. I remember being in 11 years ago with a huge abcess that had been incised. I was put on 2 lots of intravenous antibiotics then when the constultant came round the next morning he said that was fine and no more were needed.

    However he didn't put it in his notes and soon after he had gone the nurses came to give me another one. I told them what he had said and the response? 'Well it's not in his notes is it'? I kept protesting he had said that and they took no notice whatsoever. Fortunatly another nurse backed me up and they listened to her Doh!

    From my experience I will say that before you tackle them make very sure of your dates, what was said, and whom you saw. In future I am going to keep my own records and will check the doctor has put everything in.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on love.

    Hugs Bev xxx

  • Hi Bev

    I'm not going to tackle them, just going to find out what is wrong with me - I am also going to go through my diary to provide evidence of how many times I have been ill and had to cancel doing things over the past year. I really feel they think I am just being neurotic and I find that almost as stressful as feeling ill and not understanding why!


  • Hi Sue sorry 'tackle' was the wrong word but I hope you get to the bottom of it all. love and hugs bev xxx

  • Hi Sue,

    That's all I have (and guess we all fo).that should be do,ever wanted. I've kept my diary since 2011 originally for my own benefit if ever needed them for benefit claims, I noted when things started,what gp said.

  • Hi Bev,

    Hi Bev,im seething .sick of being fobbed off by them,implicating me to be at fault.I never asked for scans that's the gp s decision if they want me to have a scan .I agree with Sue,saying that they don't have answers because they "don't know" is wrong -they should refer to someone who does not just dismiss something.

  • Thank you Bev.I Got an email from her today suggesting meet her to reach resolution.not sure damage is you said they

    Twist everything to protect themselves.seeking advice from NHSEngland.

  • i've just re read both letters and not only do they contradict each other ,they claim that gp s investigated thoroughly-how come?when he didnt even acknowledge my swallowing difficulties and choking on food and the diagnosis for the persistent cough I had (had for few weeks at time)it was "its not your chest".so what is it then? she states that Dr W(my gp)referred me to Dr D re stomach probs -but that was two years later .

    in the second letter it says I saw DR K in oct and nov 2012 re nose bleeds and sores to nasal lining plus bone growth,swelling and bruising and he referred me.

    I first went to my gp in the feb 2012with nasal bleeding etc which after each treatment finished ,kept recurring so I(in bold print) asked DR K for the referral.she also claims they all referred to it as a sinus problem but not one said sinuses to mention of reason for bone growth and swelling.

    Re weight issues,labelled as obese (as per BMI)yet dismissed me when I told them weight gain was abdominal and beyond my control.forget how many times I got "can I feel your stomach"and despite me telling them it was solid and lumpy and very sore-no diagnosis.

  • Maybe your dogs feel your moods they can sense when someone is not there normal self the way a person act around them unless they are ill ?

    My dog knows a lot about me how I talk to him

  • Their behaviour has changed over the last 2-3 years. Became I'll 2011/12.

  • Phoned the gp this am cos left foot cold and numb,pins and needles. Receptionist who took my call said only emergency appointments .told her what the problem was.she said "_hold on" and went away. Came back and said you will have to phone on Monday to see your own go.thinking she went to speak with the p.m.there.I was going to wait til Mon but discussing more than one thing is not possible due to time limit.

    Thinking is this how its gonna be. Treat me like everything at the practice was my fault.I know now for a fact they have not kept accurate records.

    Their correspondence contained incorrect info/dates etc and incriminating me.I know that problems started at end 2011/2012 to present day.

    My dogs are so concerned.I see it in their eyes every day.I feel so weak now and tired have to go back to bed after taking them out even if short walk.

  • You would be better not phoining the practice about an immediate health problem (they seldom like that) but phoning 111. That way you will be able to have an in depth conversation and be more reassured about how urgently you need to be seen. Numbness is usually due to a trapped nerve and is unlikely to be urgent. xx

  • Think receptionists should have a basic medical knowledge so they can say whether someone urgently needs to see s GP.

  • They have no ability to decide that! They are trained in office work and not medical matters. I would not be happy with a practice where receptionists think they can decide.

  • I could not sleep last night,went down to watch TV at 1am until 3,45am managed to et to sleep then but woke again at 6.40.face swollen,abdominal tightness and pressure from clothes.pelvic pain when up.

    I am so scared,

  • Your pelvic pain may be linked to the numbness in your foot - arthritis can trap the sciatic nerve resulting in leg and foot numbness, I get that myself frequently, and in my arms too from arthritis at the top of the spine. Why not ask to be referred to a rheumatologist as it sounds as though a lot of your symptoms may be linked to fibromylagia - which is not life threatening but is painful and often results in IBS (bloating, stomach pain are symptoms of that). I have fibro and IBS and found having them diagnosed relieved my concerns. x

  • hi sue

    I have had pelvic pain for close on 3 years,numbness is just recent,i have had twinges of pain in back(around left shoulder area) but that I think is muscle may be to do with the curve in my spine rather than arthritis.I think I read somewhere that diabetes may cause numbness-don't quote me on that.

    I do not have IBS and diagnoses following endoscopies were diverticulitis, duodenitis,gastritis and hiatus hernia.the question as to why i have these went unanswered-are they the cause of distention or is something causing them?to put to the gp next time i see her.

  • Gastritis and duodenitis are the same thing just in different parts of the digestive tract can be caused by a lot of things biggest is H.Pylori infection which you would have been tested for at the time of endoscopy and treated with a combination of drugs. Diet can cause it too coffee is a big culprit along with chocolate and anti inflammatory drugs, Sometimes there are no reasons for having it and the treatment is with acid reducing medication and altered diet. It causes severe stomach pain and feeling full after a few mouthfuls that then results in dramatic weight loss. It also causes stomach distension too.

    Sometimes there are no answers.

  • It was tested for at the time and all clear not prescribed any drugs other than what was already on,so that isn't my problem.

  • If they came up with so many labels it sounds if they really do not know exactly what the stomach problem is... It may be worth telling the GP that even if there is no treatment for your health problems knowing what causes them will be helpful to you. I think that is a form of treatment in itself, understanding why.

  • at the time of the endoscopy they gave me copies of the results with a picture of what the endoscopy revealed clearly showing where these occurred in my stomach/colon and that H pylori weren't present

  • Now I do believe something serious is going Annie never is reluctant to go for a walk this morning she refused to walk very far if at all.she is currently lying on the kitchen floor with her head on her paws and out of character for her.

  • Maybe she needs to see a vet?xx

  • Hi CA. I cannot remember if you have ever mentioned depression in any of your posts (please correct me if I am wrong), but as this is a depression site I assume you have it. It just occurred to me to ask whether you are on any meds for it and/or any therapy? I think nearly all, if not all on here are doing one or the other or both.

    If it is not depression then as you have mentioned anxiety then maybe you would get more help from an anxiety site? There are a couple on here if you browse other communities.

    We cannot give medical advice on here but I hope my reply is helpful. x

  • Have had bouts of depression on and off for three/four years since my health took a downturn in 2011 and lack of support from my GP,non acceptance of and dismissal of symptoms ,

    Yes was depressed and am on meds .get depressed quite a lot when thimgs dont go to plan and just getting thoughts in my head of how i have been treated by the only Gp ive really had any faith in happen to make me depressed and feel the way I do/did wanting to to sleep and not wake up.

    I note that you mentioned being told you have"health anxiety"in one of your replies and mentioned seeing another GP re seems to be their answer for everything just the same as fibro is,

    your "run in" story with your surgery is exact same as mine-

  • poor doggies