How often do you see your partner?

No two relationships are alike but I am trying to figure out generally how often exclusive dating couples see each other in a course of a week. Many of my female friends say I don't see my partner nearly enough. We live 20 minute driven from each other. So geography does not come into play with how often we see each other in person.


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7 Replies

  • Hello Lacey

    It can depend on the relationship, when young and daft I would date a girl twice a week, then up to the full weekend and say a Tuesday and Thursday.

    Some of the time I was doing Youth and Community work as I was being paid so my nights were set in stone. On occasions my Partner would come along to the Centre with me and would mix with the girls. One Youth Club I went to I had met girl dancing and She did voluntary work in a Church Youth Club and for a time until we broke up I would give a hand there.

    Generally after a time I was seeing someone six nights a week, weekends we would go out for a day then visit either family.

    All depends on the relationship and how you mix your time, when I met my Wife we were together all the time and that helped us make a positive choice what we wanted to do in the future.

    Personally it has been over thirty five years ago when we were dating, my life was at that time filled with College and fishing, as well as spending time up in Scotland. We made time to see each other and if I was on a work course I would come home from Manchester on a Friday and drive back down at ten at night, for next morning. If I needed to be up home I would leave the North at midnight and be there by three in the morning.

    All depends on your situation with your partner and if you may be seeing someone else at that time, I am at a loss for what people do now


  • Hi I think a lot of it depends on the individual, but if you really love someone you will want to see them as often as possible. Work and a fixed social routine can be difficult but can be managed with a bit of give and take.

    If you are happy seeing a bf the amount of time that you do and he is then there is nothing wrong in that. Some people need more space than others.

    Hope this helps. Bev x

  • Only you know what is right for your relationship. Don't let others dictate your schedule. You are you. Xx

  • Hi Lacey

    The fact that you ask this question makes me think that you feel

    You don't spend enough time! Maybe you are worried about the quality of the


    I think most people with a BF or GF especially at the beginning want to spend

    A good bit of their free time with partner, I know I did, of course it's healthy

    Always to keep up contact with your girlfriends too, so if that relationship breaks

    Down , then you will have friends and support.

    Have you talked with your Boyfriend about how much time you spend

    Together? I would if I was worried.

    Also it really depends on the kind of relationship you have, do you both talk

    About maybe marriage later on, If it's going on for a while, I think it's always

    Nice to feel he is committed , otherwise you could be wasting precious time.

    The reason I say this is because my young niece met her BF as a student and they were

    Going out for a few years, suddenly the day after her birthday he finished with

    Her saying " he didn't feel the same about her anymore". She is upset, but I

    Feel she didn't see the signs that the relationship was cooling down and they were

    Spending less time together. Also I really feel couples who are together maybe

    2 or 3 yrs need to talk about commitment and marriage, otherwise you could

    Find that the boyfriend has no intention of marriage.

    I just think that your question denotes an insecurity in the relationship, do

    You want to spend more time with your BF? If so tell him and see what happens,

    Nothing ventured nothing gained, but please value yourself highly and don't settle

    For less than you deserve. I would say this to either female or male, as what I have

    Said is not gender based.

    Take care of yourself.

    Hannah x

  • My friends tell me the opposite, I see my partner too much, we live 10mins apart he has his place n I have mine which is great we have now been togather for 5yrs. as I have had 5 major relationships am I now happy in my world, tell your frinds to mind there own business even tho they are possibly concern about you are you sure they are not jealouse ???? what do you want first that is the question and what does your partner want ??? sit down and ask talk talk talk helps everything not talking builds up a bad picture.... enjoy your friendship that is most important of all x x x Janis

  • Thank-you everyone for your replies. My boyfriend does outing and concerts and meals with his friends. And when we are together he normally wants to do practical things that help me. His mom is constantly putting demands on him and acts very jealous when he goes out with his friends always saying he never spends enough time with her. So I just keep quiet and take whatever I can get. He doesn't need anyone else complaining or making demands on him. Yesterday he got together for an outdoor concertn with his friends at 6pm and was home at 1:30am. We don't live together. And today he plans to spend from 7pm to 10pm with me. And we will just stay in. Money is tight for everyone and I do understand he would rather go to a concert and meal out with his friends than spend money on our time together. We can enjoy things that are free. And his guy friends always are wanting to go to things that cost money like concerts and sporting events.

  • Lacey....

    You are worth spending extra time & money on. Your bf should value you equaly if not more than his mates if he wants to have your company, be intimate with you & have a future with you...

    He can take you out (see you more) & see slightly less of his mates. This would solve the extra cost as it would be the same, perhaps less if you share the cost of the date.

    You are thoughtful, patient & he should value these qualities not take advantage of them by not taking you out with him.

    Try asking to go out on inexpensive dates taking turns with mates. Say you'll share the bill or he can treat you occasionally from money saved from not going out with his mates as much...

    Please value yourself more or your boyfriends won't. Don't expecy left over crumbs as that is what you'll always get. If he doesn't step up, don't try to change him. Just say you'd like a future with him but not when he doesn't value you enough to take you out & spend more time with you.

    Then say you need to be in a relationship that is more equal & this is what you are looking for in a man. This means you will move on and look for a man who can offer you this as it's what you deserve.

    If he doesn't step up find someone else...dump.him cause your wasting your precious time and he's a jerk!

    He might run back & step up. If he doesn't, be strong & forget him! Find a man who will value you & spend more time with you & take you out too. He's out there promise x

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