Who am I?

Such a simple question isn't it, who am I? I can tell you that I am a man, I can tell you that I live in Wales. I can even tell you that I have a partner and daughter and love them ever so much. What I can't tell you is who I am, not because it is a national secret but because I do not know myself. Several weeks ago thirty years of trying to handle my illness on my own came crashing down. Several weeks ago I was a different person, a person who I now look back on and rather dislike. The full story I will not go into but you can read it if you like on my blog.

The purpose of this post is to introduce myself and by that I mean introduce the work in progress that is me right now. I have decided that hiding my illness was wrong so now I have vowed that I will hold nothing back, I don't care what other people think I am proud to discuss mental illness and how it afects me. I am proud that I spend time offering words of comfort to others and I am proud of my growing mental health community. I hope that you will accept me into your communities so we can learn and grow. My motto is "help others, help yourself" and even though I don't know just who I am, I like who I am becoming.



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  • Hi Dave nice to meet you and welcome to the site. What a wonderful post and it was a pleasure to read it. You sound so positive and inspired now and that's great. Keep it up and your shining spirit will come through. You are a star.

    Bev xx

  • hi david

    Your post hit a nerve ive been off work now for 12 weeks on anti deps for low mood and emotional stress due to an erratic shift pattern.suffer from fatigue sleep deprovation and i didnt even know who i was.i was not aware when this hit me till the last minute and just started crying.i thought i had no feelings for my partner and daughte.i felt guilty for thinking this i was a mess.i empathise with you whole heartedly.i asked for help straight away took two weeks to get it as they gave me sleeping tablets at first.still have good days bad days.i agree with you though i this happening to me is making me a better person than i used to be .i have a loving partner and daughter im 44 and called dale.mental health is everywhere now because i have a mental health problem i feel more inclined to help others more to.before it happened i was ignorant to it even when my sister had problems i used to just say get on with it.now i know how harsh them words can cut.she has overcome her problems and deals with new ones.but she has helped me as she was the first person i reached out to.i hope you continue helping others and get to where your going on your journey and find who you are.

  • Thanks for posting this Dave. I have looked at the link and I applaud you for doing this; it is a great idea and hopefully it will help many others too. Gemma X

  • hi dave nice to meet you ,it seems you.are someone who wants to help others ! you will be made welcome here there are a lot of good people on here who are or have suffered with mental illness i myself have suffered from depression and anxiety for many years i would like think i can offer some advice and help so take care david

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