Something weird happened to me

This is not the first time that this incident has happened to me. Today, I was sitting in class and suddenly I started getting blurred vision and my hands became clammy. After the clamminess wore off, my hands were really cold, but the rest of my body felt like a normal temperature. I do not experience dizziness, but it suddenly comes on and I feel weak. Im not sure if I'm consuming too much sugar or if it is just the anxiety. Has anything like this happened to any of you? Also, yesterday when I was at my boyfriend's workplace, I felt faint and like I was going to stop breathing. Maybe I need to eat more frequently. Sometimes I go 5 or 6 hours without eating. Im wondering if it is a combination of not fueling properly all the time and anxiety. Any advice or feedback?

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  • I think the first thing you should do is get to the doctors so you can get yourself medically checked over. It's important to eat and 6 hours seems a little long for you to be going without nutrition.

    GP first and then let us know how that went if you can?

  • She thinks it is just anxiety. I am having a sleep study tomorrow night.

  • Sounds a bit like fluctuating blood sugar but best to have it checked out.

  • Visit your GP it may be a diet problem, like not eating or blood sugar problems.

    There are certain problems, they will check out such as bloods, only your GP can make there decisions

    Come back, let us know how you get on. We can give support if you are suffering mental health problems


  • I brought that up to her when I went in yesterday and she said she's not worried about it. Since it doesn't consistently happen. It is more on days when I don't sleep much the night before or drink enough water. Some of the things that can happen when you don't sleep enough for even one night are astounding. I have been behind on sleep since I was 15 or 16. Luckily I am getting a sleep study tonight then an eeg on Friday. If it continues in th next month I will go in to see her. I probably just need to eat more often and smaller portions.

  • Also it could be my acid reflux. That has been acting up bad all day. Thank God for zantac and tums.

  • If they do not find anything with my sleep study or eeg then I will let her know. I mentioned it to her yesterday and she did not seem concerned about it. I have been seeing her since I was a baby.

  • Hello Richie

    How did your Sleep Clinic go


  • I slept like 4.5 hours.

  • Hello Katie

    How do they feel with the result, it could be the problem of being in sleep Clinic ??


  • Honestly, it probably had something to do with that. I do have many nights where I don't sleep much though.