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I was due to go back to work today I woke up at 1am then fell back asleep till 4am then it started the anxiety buy the time I was supposed to be going to work I was a absolute wreck so I had to ring work and explain they seemed ok but I was gutted that i was stopped in my tracks again buy anxiety so I have made another appointment at the doc's for another sick note and another chat about my meds my so called sleep pattern is all over the place ask the doc for something for the sleep as well zzzzzzzzz I need it

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  • Personally I would be wary when it comes to sleeping pills, you will never wake up and that is no good

    You say you suffer from anxiety, it is important that you discuss all with your GP so make a list of things that are bothering you.

    If you need support we are here

    Good Luck


  • Cheers got some nytol I will give it ago tonight need to get a good nights sleep also got some camomile tea

  • How did you get on in work today, ok??.


  • Didn't end up going woke up at 1am head racing buy the time I was due to go to work I was a wreck so I went back doctors for another sick note

  • Has your GP suggested any way forward for you /.


  • Going on holiday Saturday she said about swapping meds from sertraline 100mg to some other one beginning with m something like matazipram she said it would help my sleep but she said the cross over would or could have side effects so she said give it a bit longer for the sertraline so see how I am after holiday cheers

  • I used to get stressed and anxious before a term started when I was a teacher. I had no usual stress problems. All my teacher friends were the same. Before going down the route of more pills maybe it's time to look at trying to get through that first day syndrome. Ask if your first day back could be just the afternoon to ease you in gently and reduce the anxiety.

  • Hello

    If you change your medications it can take anything between 2/3 weeks


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