Hello everyone

This is my first time on a forum like this (or of any type I think) and I am happy to admit that I have been helped by reading how similar we all/most seem to be.

I still get caught up in deciding if I'm feeling sorry for myself or if there is a deeper issue. It's hard to know when your 'normal' is perhaps very different to the next persons, all I know is how I feel. In the past I would always have imagined that I could talk to any of my friends or family about almost anything but that's where depression hits and all of a sudden you don't feel you can talk to those people.

I'm amazed how I have felt at times (irrespective of what's happening in day to day life) for the past few years and reading the threads has been an eye opener. Anyway, my reason for posting is just to say that nobody is on their own if they are reading this. Hope things work out for everyone.


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  • Hey there, it's amazing how many more ppl are out there with the same sort of problems and worries hey! We are never really alone

  • Hi Olly I agree you don't feel like talking and if like me you do fell totally alone. I think it's to do with the stigma attached to depression. M.

  • Welcome to our site

    We are all very supportive here, and if we can will be there for you


  • Hi Olly your very welcome to the Forum. Talking about Depression to family

    Is often very hard and I personally feel that they can be too close to the person

    To be objective. I hardly ever see my family and I can talk about how I feel with

    One brother. The rest of them do t feel comfortable talking about Depression.

    We are always here for you if you want to have a chat.


  • Hi, thanks for mentioning we are not alone with these feelings! Although at times it makes me feel isolated and fearful. I hope you you get some relief from this site and the lovely people on it.all the best to you.