Carpal tunnel from self harm??


I seen my GP about a year ago because of pain in my thumb and two fingers (closest to thumb) She thought I had created Carpal Tunnel with the self harm scars on my arm/wrist.

She suggested wearing a wrist support specifically for carpal tunnel, which I have been on and off since then.

But a year on it seems worse, almost like there is a trapped nerve in my thumb/palm area.

Has anyone had experience with this?

I do have an appointment with the GP next week. But I'm worried about not being fairly treated because it's self inflicted. I've had the whole 'well that will happen!' from them before :(

Hope I've done everything right.


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  • You should be treated like any other patient andif this is not the case approach Healthwatch or PALS, for hospital

    There is an operation for this condition and if it really causing problems they may decide to operate. If you are self harming contact your CPN and discuss your problem.

    When I tried taking my own life there was no real sympathy regarding the position I put myself in. It was taken as why did you do that, the hospital was more concerned with the time wasted making sure that I was ok to send home. The same with the emergency team.

    Good Luck tomorrow, you always know we are here for support


  • it is possible that internal scarring may be causing compression of the nerve leading to this but whether the damage was caused by yourself or some other factor is no justification for not receiving the same prompt treatment and i think your Gp will treat you fairly and appropriately. If your GP is not helpful ask for second opinion.

    Good luck

  • Hi DollyM

    Your thumb and the two fingerst closest to it share a single nerve. Pain in all three would suggest that there is / has been injury / damage caused to it. If the pain is localised to your hand (and not along the arm itself) this would suggest that the problem is in the wrist / hand. If the pain extends up your arm then it's more likely a problem in the neck.

    The cause of this should not effect treatment (that said, the GP will/ should be concerned about self harm, but this should be treated with compassion and if an ongoing issue should explored and appropriate support provided.

    Having warn a wrist support for twelve months and the pain having only increased then it is not unreasonable to have your symptoms and treatment options reviewed.

    When speaking with your GP don't be afraid to ask questions both about what is causing the pain and possible treatment options. Ensure you understand any recommendation they may make and set realising times for review of treatment.

    It is natural to assume that because you have a history of self harm you are being treated less compassionately, less sympathetically and with less support than you might expect, however it's also just as likely it's a busy GP who has made a diagnoses, suggested a treatment and belives it's the best/ most appropriate cause of action and 'the right place to start'.

    It would be wrong for any medical professional to let a history of self harm distract from the most appropriate form of treatment, equally this is something you also need to be awear of and not assume the advice/support provided is different because if it. If it's a concern talk about it with your GP.

    I hope your appointment goes well and your GP is able to provide assistance, being in pain is never a great and when this is sustained over such a long period the experience and impact of pain can become a far bigger issue than dealing with the cause.

    Whatever you do, don't give up.

  • Over twenty years ago I was a teenager and fell pregnant with a violent abusive guy just a few years older than me. I did not want this baby on the beginning and neither did he. In fact he tried to punch me in the stomach when he learned I was pregnant and when I moved his fist when right into the wall leaving a hole.

    I went for two ultrasounds - of course by myself. The first one just didn't seem real- just grey fuzzy images on the screen. And the second ultrasound there was a black smear showing up in the womb nearly covering up the entire image of the baby.

    I did miscarry. And I was so far along I needed a D&C procedure to stop infection or whatever it was that did not fully come out.

    I was also anorexic. And the doctors told me the child would be taking everything my starved body it could to nourish itself. I went threw phases of eating right and not caring if I gained weight. But at the end of the day I was a pregnant teenage anorexic with no family within 4 time zones of me! Plus the violent boy who was the father was continuing to be violent.

    I actually was in the hospital washroom when I miscarried. The pain was indescribable and seeing the blood just didn't seem real. I tried to tell myself I didn't want this child anyway. And what kind of life I could I really provide them? I had gone to collect information to go back to school and was looking into the life as a single mom. But deep down I knew things were not right. I could see the violent boy's family try to take my child from me. And I also could see them wanting nothing to do with us at all.

    The decision was made for me. Months later I was wondering around a pharmacy shop and bought a baby bottle to gently water some seedlings I was growing. And then after I left the store I noticed the receipt for my purchase was my due date the child was supposed to be born. That freaked me out. I was just a teenager but I freaked me out like I would of been buying this bottle for my baby had she lived.

    I named my baby. Did you name your two babies? Some doctors say it helps you talk about this grieve when you have names - even if no one knows them but you.

    Now I am 41 and had no children. One other miscarriage I believe because I had a grey mass pass painfully during my late period once that atleast on the Internet said it could of been an early miscarriage. I saved the gray mass for a few hours trying to study it- wondering what it was. But I never saw the doctor. So only one confirmed pregnancy on my life and I am 41 and still battle anorexia. I have been having unprotected relations with my partner for 3 years with us being open to having a child - but not trying to a point where we chart ovulation and that. But even still- 3 years is a long time. I know now I will never have children. It is not easy to accept somehow but I am getting there.

    Like you I question whether or not I should be allowed to grieve. Maybe if I ate better- maybe since it was an unplanned teenage pregnancy I didn't want anyway - I should not be allowed to grieve. But you know I do grieve. When I meet a young person that would of been her age I think about her. But then I think of the very rough life she would of had with her father sending me to the hospital with a skull fracture and dislocated jaw and shoulder. I thought about what if she lived and I adopted her out to a loving family. Now is the age she would come looking for me had she lived and was adopted out. I think of what I would have to tell her if she asked about her father. And I think about what crazy lies he no doubtly would tell her if she asked him about me. A side note is I really think adoptions information should not be disclosed unless the parent allows it to be. I think a lot less people would have abortions if they were not afraid of being asked questions about rape and violent and other circumstances that really have no benefit to an adult who was adopted put to a loving family needs to know.

    So yes- please allow yourself to grieve. Name the child you had to have aborted and the one you miscarried. Go somewhere very quiet and even talk to them. Get all those bottled up emotions out of you so you can heal too.❤️❤️❤️

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