Do I have depression?

Hi everyone, I recently signed up to this site and was wondering if anyone would be able to clear up some questions I have.

I first thought I may have depression a few months ago but since it's such a serious topic I'm always trying to put myself off. I'm 18 and started uni in September, I thought starting a new place and making new friends would be the best thing for me but it doesn't seem to have done much to help me.

I constantly have these feelings of worthlessness, I can be sitting in a room with my family and feeling like I have no purpose. I feel sad a lot of the time, feel like I've messed everything up and ruined the things that were working well for me. A lot of the time I have trouble either falling asleep, around Christmas time I had trouble getting out of bed on a morning and over the passed few days I've been feeling like that again. I feel lonely and don't feel as though I have anybody to talk to, but even if I could talk to someone I don't want to burden them with my problems.

Is this cause for concern? I know I'm still growing up and hormones are normally up and down but this has been going on for so long I'm starting to get worried.

I'd appreciate it if anyone has any ideas, or if anyone would be willing to chat.

Thanks guys,



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5 Replies

  • Hi Courtney, I'm 23 and I was like that when I was 18. It's best to go to your doctor and just let them know how your feeling. It can get better! Message me if you need someone to talk too x


  • Hi is there a mental health support department at your university? Often called wellbeing which have been great at giving me counselling with my depression and other mental health related stuff.

    i find omega 3 oils and b vitamins work best for my depression. i also avoid gluten and dairy which affect my autism as well as my IBS and depression. Hope you find this site useful

  • Hi sweety. Depression is an illness like any other and trike st any age. It comes in mild, moderste to severe. And can be the result o. An experience or chemical imbalance for instance. It can go awsy for good or sTay. It does sound like you have yhe symptoms. Best address it now instead of letting it fest. You will have more chance at better managing it. Ad adviced above, your gp will point you in the right direction. You can also contact MIND who may know if an organisarion for young people. They have support groups that may akso helo yiu tslk ti people in your situation. All the best. Keep us posted. X

  • Hi Courtney,

    Depression in my experience is different for everyone. It took me a long time, around 15 years, to realise something was wrong. Also dont be dishartened if a treatment doesnt work for you. I was never able to do the talking therapy stuff, it never worked for me, luckily meds made the difference. Things might be different for you and it may take a while to find what works best. Stick with it. Its worth it. If you need someone to talk to drop me a message, i will listen, no need to worry about being a burden here, many of us have been where you are. We might not be able to give you great advice but we can listen.


  • That definitely sounds like depression please get help before it gets worse! Depression is an illness you can't help those feelings xx

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