I forgot to take my medications this morning and was walking around in an terrible daze.

What with not taking my pain medications and the regular drugs I take for all my other little problem I was unable to help out getting ready for Hazels Birthday tomorrow, so She ended doing all the work.

Tomorrow one of our next doors has arranged a party for her so I hope I will have no withdrawal like I felt today. So I do not feel how others feel, I am fed up with being so useless


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  • Hi Bob, I hope you are feeling better. I unfortunately share that fed up with being useless feeling. However the people around us - like Hazel for you- see things differently than we do when we feel that way.

    Often if I catch an unexpectant glimpse of myself in the mirror I tell myself how I always manage to mess things up. It is a heavy weight to bare feeling like this.

    I hope you and Hazel and your friends have a lovely time celebrating her birthday tomorrow. I have missed my medications before and it is hard on the system for sure. Hopefully you'll be feeling much better by tomorrow morning.💐

  • Hi Aspen very well said.

    Hugs to you.

    Hannah x

  • 💐

  • Hi Bob it's Hannah here. Ah I'm sorry your feeling useless and fed up. I thinkWe can all get like this when we get tired or things get too much for us. Depression and pain

    Are not for cissies that's for sure.

    I'm sure Hazel understands and I hope you both have a nice birthday celebration.

    Bob you are very helpful to people who post here, and I for one admire your

    Compassion and energy and humanity.

    Make yourself a nice cuppa tea and give Pax a little snuggle from me.

    Hannah x

  • Hi Bob,

    You've had an oops moment and forgotten something, unfortunately your functionality has been messed up as a result. I have multiple oops moments,as does my partner, I frequently mess things up and I am so used to it that I accept it as par for course and so do those around me.I try to keep track of/ write important things down but sometimes get distracted and forget. No point in self reprimands or blame by others-just 'Ooops, sorry '. It is frustrating but it happens.

    I have acquired a saying for my lapses - 'If it aint on the list,it doesn't exist ' !

    A good rest and I'm sure that you will be back on track tomorrow for Hazel's special day : )

    Not sure how you receive your meds - a lot of people get theirs in ready dosed weekly trays or folders by the chemist so everything is all in and easy to take and keep a check on.

    Wishing you both a lovely day tomorrow,

    All the best from the Queen of 'Oops', Angela x

  • Sorry to hear you had such a bad day , hope today is better for you .....

  • You are not useless you are really strong. Going through pain is very hard. I know what I m talking about I suffer from chronic pain and I used to forget to take my meds and make it worst. I suggest you will get a dosete box and organise your tablets there then set up the alarm on your mobile phone and hopefully that will help. It helped me. All the best.

  • I am sorry you felt so bad yesterday Bob. Try not to blame yourself too much, you were feeling rotten because you forgot to take your medication, Hazel loves you and will hopefully understand that and forgive you so try to forgive yourself.

    As we get older our memory plays tricks on us - perhaps Hazel could remind you to take your meds or help you get a system in place so you do not forget again?

    Hope the party is good - for you as well as for Hazel. Sounds like you have good neighbours!

    Let us know how it goes :)


  • Hello All

    Feel ok now I took the medications at teatime then I took my medications before bed, that seemed to sort me all out.

    Today I have managed to help more with all the chores sent across to me and I feel a great deal better now.

    I need to take Opiates and I can suffer withdrawal if I miss them. Hazel does not allow me access to my medications and I am only allowed that days medications, sometimes Hazel can forget to give me my days reply, and has to get my medications for Breakfast time, sometimes I can forget I have not taken them especially when the drugs are not there as breakfast is served. It was my fault and should have checked before going out in the morning. When I was a suicide risk my medications were taken of me and Hazel has taken on that job as the drugs I suffer are a group 2 medication. and are very strong. When I am ill sometimes I have to increase my medications and Hazel has to keep count

    Thanks for your kind remarks, everyone here keeps all on the straight and narrow


  • Bob,

    I'm pleased you are feeling better now, I'm sure Hazel appreciates you as much as you appreciate Hazel. I hope you have a wonderful party and manage to relax and enjoy yourselves.

    Sarah x

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