So depressed

Too many losses going on in my life at the same time, I feel alone, even though I have people around me everyday. I'm having trouble coping in life. I let my boyfriend of 10 years due to him breaking up with me two months after finding his best friend passed away in his apartment from health complications. Was in a serious car accident back in September, I'm just feeling so lost and depressed.


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  • I am very sorry you are going threw so much right now! Ending a relationship that was for 10 years is like grieving a death. A big sense of loss that takes a lot of time to heal. Your partner must of suffered a severe shock from finding his friend. And as human nature would be he probably blames himself. He is likely punishing himself and pushing the ones he loves away because he feels responsible for his friend. I had a friend who lost his best mate in one of the recent terrorist plane crashes. He is married with a child- and that kind of stress of loosing his friend - knowing he was going to get on that flight too- just spun him in a deep depression . He truly was sucidial. Only a professional doctor I think can help unravel that deep of pain. But I have to be honest It surprised me how deeply personal he took loosing his best friend in an accident he had absolutely nothing to do with! Is it possible your boyfriend will be back as your partner once has sometime to deal with the shock of finding his friend? I am very sorry about your car accident. Did it hurt you physically as well as emotionally? Both are equally as difficult to heal from. Financially too.

    This is a friendly message board and I am sure there will be a lot of the regular kind people responding to your post with love and support too. Talking and reaching out to others is really important especially when you feel the weight of depression. Have you seen a doctor yet? Many people on this board seek regular help from their doctor. I do myself because you should not have to feel this much emotional pain if a doctor can recommend some help for you. Take-care❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sorry you feel so overwhelmed and alone , loss is so hard , I struggle with this too and don't have answers just a friendly ear and hugs for you , support is here I f and when you need it x

  • Hi

    I am sorry you are going through such a difficult period in your life. It is horrible to feel alone, especially when there are people around, that makes it feel even worse!

    It must have been difficult for your boyfriend finding his best friend had died. It sounds as if he was still grieving when he broke up with you and I am wondering whether he was afraid that if he stayed with you then you would also leave him in some way like his friend did, whether he left you before that could happen.

    You can't be responsible for your boyfriend's life, he has to seek help that for himself. However his ending the relationship must have been difficult for you, especially so soon after your own serious car accident. You do not say what happened in the accident, whether it was your fault or the fault of another driver. You say it was serious but do you say whether you were injured badly and whether you have ongoing problems as a result and I am wondering how you are coping with its effects. You also do not say whether you received any counselling or support after the accident but if it was serious you are likely to need to talk it through with someone as it may well have been traumatic for you and left you with feelings that are difficult to deal with. Having to cope with the loss of a significant relationship on top of that makes it not surprising that you are feeling lost and depressed.

    I would suggest you see your GP and ask to be referred for counselling as you need help to grieve the loss of your boyfriend and perhaps also the loss of the person you were before the accident as that will have shaken your security in the world.


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