Week Ahead x

How is everyone's week looking?

I've got loads on at the moment but you know what guys/gals? I'm not gonna let it get me down!! I can only do what I can do and if they don't like it they can kiss my sweet Welsh bum cheeks!! Lol x x

I have another counselling session this evening so hopefully they will start to help me more and I have recently spoken to a recruitment consultancy who state that I will have plenty of job opportunities if I wanted to move jobs as I've got lots of transferable skills.

The outlook isn't as bleak as I thought it was and I've put some steps in place to look after myself so just need to get this BED under control. Health and wellbeing is more important than work and waking up at 4am worrying isn't good for you x if any of you want some advice on anything just please D M me and I will help as best I can for you x

Hugs x


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3 Replies

  • Brillliant Chris thats great news WELL DONE! Don't forget to harness the power of the rabbits! :-) Have a wonderful day XX

  • Hello Chris

    Do not look at negatives, go for all the positives


  • Hi All

    Second session went well and I've got a good booklet to read about stress management and how not to relate my negative thoughts to food as it just causes a vicious circle and does more harm than good.

    Had a good conversation with a potential employer which was very positive indeed and it works out that if I retrain I wouldn't have any problem in finding plenty of work.

    We shall see what happens the next few weeks!!