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hi im a 17 year old girl struggling to cope with life. i think im suffering from depression and dont know what to do. I feel like i dont have anyone to talk to as im not comfortable talking to my family about this and dont want to be a burden on my friends. I just feel like im getting worse and im nearly at breaking point. would really appreciate some help or advice from someone.


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10 Replies

  • Maybe consider making an appointment with your GP, explain to them how you are feeling and they will likely have services that you could use. Or alternatively they could offer you anti depressants. I have been on duloxetine for 3 years and I find that helps me. And remember you are not alone.

    Wish you all the best

    Diane x

  • thanks for your advice. it helps knowing that others have gone through or are going through the same things as me because i felt like if i talked to someone about it they wouldn't understand.

    ellie x

  • Welcome and hope you can find the opportunity to confide in your GP. We're here for you and this is a friendly supportive community.

    As for self help if you can try taking omega 3s daily and b vitamins as i found they helped me mood.

  • Hi Ellie,

    I am also 17 and suffering with depression. Like you, I do not feel comfortable talking about my depression to my family, and in my experience, thats absolutely fine. Personally I quite like it that my family doesn't know that much about it. Sometimes I think its quite good to keep it separate from your family, and just use your GP or counsellor to talk to about it (I know some on this site will disagree but it works for me). I would really recommend seeing a counsellor. I know it is scary the first time and it can be very difficult to talk about these things, but it has really helped me and many others I know. It just serves as an opportunity to get all your negative feelings out, and I'm sure you'll receive some very useful advice on how to go forward, as I did. I would advise you not to tell too many of your friends as it can be a burden on them, even if they do not show it. It is difficult for them to help your situation if they have never gone through anything similar. I have only told my best friend and no one else (apart from my counsellor). I think he has found it quite hard to help me but he is very supportive. If you tell lots of your friends, you are bound to be treated slightly differently, even if they don't mean to.

    In the short term, to help you cope, just try to focus on doing things you enjoy and hanging out with your good friends as often as possible. This should lift your mood and help to distract you. Personally, I find exercise is the best distraction - I love all sports so I just go on a run, to the gym, or play tennis if I start to feel negative. It is easy to isolate yourself if you are feeling low, but just try to fight this feeling as being alone for much of the day will not help anything.

    I hope this helps!

    Orlando x

  • Thanks for your reply. Its so comforting to know im not the only one. i think i want to try a counsellor but i dont know how to go about it.

    Ellie x

    P.S is there a way to message people on this site without talking through posts?

  • You're welcome. That is what makes this website so good - there are so many people who have gone through the same things so they have loads of useful advice.

    There should be a school counsellor who you could go and see, or if not, you could talk to the head of pastoral care and they should be able to put you in touch with someone. Also you could have a chat to your GP and they would know many counsellors you could go and see. If you want to go for private counselling, it can be quite expensive but its definitely worth it.

    If you click on someone's name, it will take you to their profile. Then it says 'send message' on the right hand side of the screen and you can send a private message to anyone.

    I am usually available if you want to talk about anything :)

    Orlando x

  • Thank you so much. i'll see if theres someone i can talk to at school tomorrow.

    Ellie x

  • Good, I hope you find someone! Just try and be as open as possible, if you do talk to someone. Hope it goes well!

    Orlando x

  • Umm what do you think brought all this on? Thing is your time of life your hormones are running wild and they will mess you up, maybe its just that and the docs can suggest something. Not great to bottle stuff up so maybe ask if you could have a little councelling for a time. Sometimes friends and family aren't the best people to speak to.

    Im going to suggest something, is there a chance you are being a little to hard on yourself? Comparing yourself to others is a direct root to unhappiness, try not to do that and if you feel you have fallen down in areas of your life, well it happens you cant be on top 24/7. And those people who would have you believe they are, are faking it or end up getting burnt out.

    Relax you are who you are and like it or not that makes you perfect. Societies always trying to get you to conform stuff them, its not like they really care. Look to the stuff you love, indulge yourself. When the voice in your head says ' you're not good enough' say back, 'nope Im not listening to you, Im just fine as I am'. Move forward slowly, be your own bestfriend and when you fall down, well would you shout at a 3 year old, just dust yourself off and try again. You can do this, who knows what you will achieve in your life, so deep breath, lots of rest and be super kind to this person who has just fallen over a few times, no big deal. You can work it out, you just need a little help, we all need help sometimes no shame in it. Slow everything down and baby steps when you are stronger you will make up for lost time, dont worry.

    Good luck XX

  • Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. im pretty sure this isnt just hormones. i think its a mixture of stuff thats built up over time. stressing about college and exams, having low self esteem, not having a close relationship with my family and feeling left out sometimes when im with my friends. i probably am being hard on myself and making things worse but its so hard not to let my negative thoughts get the better of me.

    Ellie x

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