Tired all the time

Lack of motivation is driving me insane (more than usual lol). I suffer from depression and have for years but I have that under control now. I'm just finding it so hard to motivate myself to do stuff. I feel like I'm wasting my life, I just sleep all day and stay up all night. I can't even motivate myself enough to go work out or go to the library to do work. I get little bursts of energy but it goes in half hour.

I just want to be normal. I want to work out, get my work done, keep my house clean and not feel tired all the time.


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6 Replies

  • Hey yea that's how I feel. Does suck a lot. If I lived near you I would join you and we could motivate each other!

  • That would be good having a motivation partner. Shame you are literally the other side of the world 😂

  • I know!! Hey do u have Facebook??

  • Hi Jamie-Lyn

    You might want to put that last comment in a message just for Rach. Otherwise you might be inundated with lots of friend requests from people you perhaps don't want, you never know. Just saying...

    I completely understand what you mean about being unmotivated & staying up very late. Last night (yesterday morning) I went to be at 4am & it's already 3am. Am getting into a really bad habit & neglecting things & myself. Not sure what the answer is, perhaps not thing everything has to be done in one go but to do one small thing each day?


  • Hi James yes I could write a book about motivation and the lack of .

    What helps me is to put a timer on for 15 mins. I try and do as much as I

    Can in that time. Could be washing dishes and tidying kitchen etc. it helps

    As I find I work faster and try and pack in lots. Then that alone can motivate

    Me to do another 15 mins at something else that needs doing.

    Action precedes motivation, Motivation doesn't just happen. The minute we

    Do something it gets he Motivation Mojo back. Oh Put on good loud

    Rock Music and get started.

    Hope this helps. I have to be really strict with myself otherwise things get in a right

    State, and as I live alone, I will eventually have to do them. Wish someone lived

    Near me to help me sometimes, woukd be great.

    Hannah x

  • Hi Hannah

    I like that 15min idea. it's only a small window of time so you won't feel you have to do everything in one go, but once you start you may want to continue. The more I think about it the more I think it's a great idea, think I'll try it. Thank you


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