Cycling Thoughts ?

I have almost daily cycling thoughts of nonsensical things that repeat over and over in my head often when I am doing something mundane like cleaning out the barn. Sometimes I am speaking out loud with not realizing I am doing it. i am not sure why this happens. Anyone else have the same issue? I am not sure of this is depression or anxiety. Because it happens normally when I am doing some mundane brainless thing opposed to being stressed about something. So it seems to feel more like a depression issue.


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6 Replies

  • Most of the time this is what I have because I don't have enough good things going on in my life to take my mind of the thoughts. It is depression most likely in your case.

  • Yes- you are right. I gave depression and anxiety.

  • Hi, To be honest it seams perfectly reasonable to think random thoughts when doing something boring. I frequently talk to myself outloud, it's something I do to clarify my thoughts, work things through and hear what I am thinking. Alone in a barn seams a perfect place to do this, walking down a street gets very odd looks. I am wondering what the content of your talk is About and if this is your reasons for thinking you might be depressed? You talk about stupid things and I am wondering what they arE. Maybe it is what you are talking/thinking about that is important rather than doing it. If it is the content that is causing you difficulties then maybe talking to someone else would help give you perspective. Sometimes thoughts are just thought.

  • Thank-you for your insightful comments and saying you relate. The lines running in my head are about an abusive exboyfriend I have almost 5 years ago. He means nothing to be and we have no contact or live anywhere near each other. I am sure it has nothing to do with the individual but the circumstances of how everything unravelled.

  • I don't know if it might be part of posttraumatic stress. The going through past events. This does happen to me when I am feeling bad. At those times I have to put on a radio to keep upsetting thoughts at bay

  • Thank-you for your reply. I study a second language as a hobby. And sometimes I will focus on thinking about constructing my thoughts in that to slow my mind down. Another thing I do to keep concentrated when people are talking to me and my mind is racing and cycling inside is to picture each word they say as written on a piece of paper as they talk. It is kind of you to share you also suffer with this.

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