I think I have ME

Hello, as you may know I have been struggling with depression for years.

Ive been seeing the gp more lately and he has sent me for various tests. All the tests have been negative so when I saw the gp the other day he said I could have ME or chronic fatigue syndrome as it also known. He is doing some more tests now. I have to have a CT scan and see a psychiatrist.

The main sympyom I have is tiredness. I have other symptoms like lack of concentration, joint pains, dizziness and of course depression. I would appreciate other peoples opinion on this diagnosis. I just need answers.

Thank you.



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20 Replies

  • Oh poor you David, the worst is not knowing isn't it? I hope it isn't that so fingers (and toes) crossed for you. I haven't actually got a clue but don't know if anyone else does. Stay strong think the best. Lots of hugs for you my love. Bev xx

  • Thanks Bev

  • Hi Golfer,

    There is so much crossover between neurological and psychological symptoms sometimes when dealing with the brain that medical professionals can find it very tricky to clearly divide them without substantial medical evidence -positive test results.I am glad that your GP is openminded enough to consider physical causes and has referred you for a scan. I have read through the NHS diagnostic criteria : nhs.uk/conditions/Chronic-f...

    which is presumably the source used by GP's.

    This one goes into more detail :http://www.meassociation.org.uk/ and offers some alternative reasons for similar symptoms.

    Hope you find these useful.

    Kind regards, Angela x

  • Thanks Angela

  • useful info so thanks for putting the links on here!

  • I have no idea on that but I'm hoping that you will better now David. Take care of youself! Dale xx

  • Thanks Dale

  • No problem David! :)

  • Those are symptoms of ME but can also be symptoms of other harder to test disabilities such as fibromyalgia (diagnosed via a rhematologist), elhers danlos syndrome (when your joints pop in and out of place either partially or fully) or POTS (where you cannot regulate your heart rate or blood pressure properly causing dizziness, brain fog and fatigue. Those are just a few.

    Hope you can find some answers soon.

  • Thanks, ive had quite a few tests and got a ct scan next week, so should get


  • David good Luck, those all sound like Depression to me, but none of

    U.S. Here are Drs. Be guided by Drs. As. We are not Medically qualified.

    Hannah x

  • Hi Hannah, Im alright just need some answers to why Im getting some symptoms.

    How are you. I hear it was your birthday recently. Happy birthday belatedly.

    Hope you enjoying the sunshine, if you getting what I have. Remind me where you live.

    Take care.

    David x

  • Hi David yes Birthday was yesterday. Lol

    I live in Dublin and westher too has been good which is always good for

    The mood.

    I presume your Dr. Has taken Blood and done all Blood Tests. I myself found

    Out that I have Anaemia and have to get Blood tomorrow, so that explains

    My tiredness. So I should be dancing around the kitchen after tomorrow.

    David I hope something comes out of it to help you, we are always looking

    For answers, as it's such a horrible condition Depression. Take care of yourself.

    Hannah x

  • Yes Ive had blood tests and good physical check, including lung xray for the breathlessness. Got a CT scan next week. Everything has been clear so far.

    Good that all is clear but I would still like answers to symptoms.

    My gp suggested I come of anti depressants as they have many side effects.

    I have been reducing dose and now not on any. However, still have symptoms.

    I just take it a day at a time.

    David x

  • David, I have also developed breathlessness at times and the rheumatologist I saw agreed it may well be due to inflammation of the muscle'/tissues surrounding the lungs. x

  • sorry to hear of the possible turn of events for you ! i hope your tests can but your mind at rest ! david i wish you well mate david !

  • Thanks mate.

  • hi david your welcome your a good person and have helped many people including me so again best of luck and take care david

  • Fibromyalgia?? I have exactly the same symptoms so it could be. It is manageable but not curable if it is. Hope the GP helps you to find out, then at least you will know what it is and can research for yourself how to manage or treat it. Take care David. xx

  • Thanks Sue

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