Happy Easter

Hello everybody. I havent posted on here recently as I dont know what to say at times. I have been up and down. Im trying to be positive today. Ive just been to church and feeling quite good. I have got some part time work with a care organisation. Im supporting a blind lady with shopping and helping her in her house. I love helping people. I decided I didnt want to get back in schools and I had a couple of unsuccessful interviews. Working with adults with disabilities in their own homes will be satisfying.

Whatever your beliefs, I hope you all have a good day and lets al see Easter as a new beginning!


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  • Thank you David. What a lovely thoughtful post and me too I enjoy supporting others as it can be so rewarding meeting different people and getting to know them. Gemma x

  • Thank you Gemma. Hope you are well.

    David x

  • I'm managing David as had stuff planned for this weekend and for tomorrow and I'm just going day to day; I need to be involved in things and have plans but not too overwhelming, so it's getting the balance right. Good to feel connected on here to others. x

  • Glad to hear you are managing your time. I have a routine but try not to take on extra things. I cant cope with too much at the moment.

    You are right to take it one day at a time, thats what I do.

    David x

  • Thanks David.

    Glad your enjoying the Easter.

    Hannah x

  • Thanks David, Happy Easter to you as well. I'm pleased you are enjoying supporting the blind lady and hopefully the care organisation will be able to provide you with some more caring support work if that would be okay for you,

    I have huge up and down days,

    Take care,


  • Happy easter to you also x What a nice post too x Have you ever listened to Steven Furlick on you tube. He is awesome try listen to whatever whatever by him, think you will really like it. Happy Monday x

  • hi david what a lovely post you definiately have a big heart and have got a lot to give what ever you do you will be good at ! david