So very down

Hi, hope people are enjoying the Easter time and glimpses,of sun ....I am A newbie but not so new in age lol ....I,ve been trying to find my feet on here , am in several groups but not sure I say the right thing as don't get many responses ...

just right now am very down , can't see the wood for the trees and it all seems quite worrying , inbetween times I try , planting seeds a little painting (walls) ...but feel like I,m wading through treacle partner is a very happy positive person and things are difficult between us right now kids are a huge worry for various reasons ...and mum getting memory problems ....

Maybe someone on here can relate to me ..feel so tired ..thankyou

P.s not feeling sorry for myself ..

Just depressed honestly


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14 Replies

  • Hi, you are very welcome on here. It is good to realise you arent alone. I constantly feel tired and have no energy. I have to keep going and push myself to do things.

    I am married with two teenage boys so life is quite hectic. I like to have me time.

    I only work five hours a week, (paid) and one day voluntary.

    Take care and be kind to yourself. Happy Easter and have a nice day.

    Keep in touch.


  • Hi Jane nice to meet you and welcome to the site. It will be a little quiet here over the Easter period but will pick up again soon. What we lack in quantity we make up for in quality :)

    You don't say whether you are depressed or have been diagnosed with it or whether you have been to the doctors? Are you on any meds and/or counselling?

    You are not moaning just venting and that's ok - we all understand how it is. I have suffered from depression most of my life and I am not young I am older than you :d Good to speak with you - stay with us coz we are a friendly bunch who all help and support each other.

    Bev xx

  • Hi , thanks for your reply , yes am diagnosed Clinical depression, anxiety disorder and borderline traits ....I have suffered a lot of stress in my life , have two boys 23 and 19 ..both have probs mental health ...the other had a brain injury as a baby following meningitis ...and as a result they both have problems as adults ...such a worry ,,, I gave up work to care for them and my ex ... And now It's taking it's toll a lot more to tell but guess that's enough just struggling to stay strong ...thankyou for your kind words means a lot x

  • Hello Janey and nice to meet you. I'm sorry you are so depressed ,but you are in the right place :) I am permanently depressed, so I find comfort here.

    It is good to share and be part of something and I hope it can help you on here. There are many of us on here who are that bit older and I am one of them.

    I haven't been too bad this last couple of days as had stuff planned, and for tomorrow also but my problem is loneliness and isolation and lack of family/ identity/ purpose. I try not to think of it too much and just try and plan day to day so I don't get too frightened.

    I hope you continue to talk on here; we can all support each other. Holidays can be a difficult time, maybe for you reminding you of the difficulties you have, for me reminding me of the isolation I experience and so on. But please do keep writing and we will get to know you.

    Gemma X

  • Hi Gemma , thankyou for your kind words sorry you feel lonely it is so hard ... I too hope I can support people when they need it ...especially with this isolation which is awful xx

  • Welcome,

    I've been planting seeds too and trying to make a dress. Things to keep me busy and not think too much,

    As Bev says not sure if you have been to the GP but would recommend it is you haven't,

    Take care


  • Hi Sarah thankyou ...yes been under a psychiatrist for many years x

  • Hi Janey and a big welcome to you. I can't personally relate to your life circumstances,

    But I can understand that Depressed feeling. This is a supportive kind Group,

    And feel free to say what's on your mind.

    It's quiet here sometimes and sometimes there are no replys to some posts,

    That's life I guess.

    Talk again later Janey.


  • Thanks Hannah x

  • Hi Janey ,

    How are you today? It's good that you can do nice things like

    Gardening. Is there any support group you could go to , as you

    Are caring for your sons which must be very tough.

    Pop on here anytime and chat to us, we have big ears. Lol.

    Hannah xx

  • Hello Janey

    Welcome to the site, You say you suffer clinical depression and you are having problems with family.

    Tiredness is just a small part of depression an if your partner is a positive cheerful person that attitude could be possibly affecting you as there could be a lack of understanding.

    Memory problems with depression also go hand and hand and if you are taking antidepressant medications they can cause this problem in some cases.

    Feel free to come on this site , many on here are very supportive and understanding.

    I look forward to your visits, take care


  • Hi Janey, I can relate to your problems. My adult daughter has caused me so much heartache I feel weary with it all.

    My partner can't understand why anyone is depressed, he thinks you can just stop feeling sad so I try and keep my feelings from him.

    Don't worry about moaning, it's good to get things off your chest.

    Take care


  • Hi Kas that's tough on you with daughter troubles. My older sister

    Caused ructions and heartache to my late parents, and my Mother

    Took the brunt of it as she tended to shield my father from most

    Of it . You must be very strong to cope, but talking always helps,

    As we don't feel we are so alone.

    Hannah x

  • Steven Furlick ...whatever whatever. try listen to this x x Its ok things are difficult for you but this can change for you. Kids are always a worry, I have two also. Don't be too hard on yourself but be open to change x Tru listen to Steven Furlick Whatever whatever x x

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