Feel like i'm cracking up (UPDATE)

Since my original posting 15 x days ago. I have been on Fluoxetine (20mg, once a day) for just over 2 x weeks now, and was signed off work for 2 x weeks by the GP on 5th March and due to see him again on 19th March. I have had a few minor side effects like nausia, which GP warned me about, but still not sleeping to good, and waking up in the early hours, feeling quite tired most of the time and have a "spaced out" feeling, not sure if that is the depression or the tablets i'm taking.

Just feels like i'm running on empty, no energy or motivation, just don't want the stress or hassle anymore, just happy to sit at home, but deep down, I know that is not good for me, but simply don't have the energy at the moment to change things, really need to talk to my GP about things.


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8 Replies

  • Just give yourself one month for the pills to kick in - after which if you still dont feel like your old self go back to the gp and try another type? your doctor will advise dont worry it takes a while what your feeling is depression so just take each day and stop thinking so much and take it day by day - thinking about you though!!!!!! I have been in your situation not nice. jue1.

  • Hi Rich873

    Depression, stress etc is all very new to me and I'm trying my best to cope with it and I too feel like you and just want to hide away from the world but as you know this isn't good for us.

    Maybe if you spoke to the doctor he could give you a number you could call to offload some of the feelings inside? I'm not sure if this is something they offer but you can try? You can offload on here and people will reply to you, I work all day but will try my best when I get home.

    Good luck my friend and be strong.

  • Hi Rich

    I feel exactly the same. I've now been on Fluoxetine for about 3 weeks and am signed off work for 2 weeks. I'm also struggling with sleeping and feel spaced out, restless and motivationless all the time. Although I know I should get up and do something productive, I keep wasting my day doing nothing and feeling sorry for myself. It almost feels like I'm not quite here and am watching myself from outside (and getting very cross with myself for being so pathetic!). Does that make sense?

    On the plus side, I am much better than I was before the pills and the break from work. I was crying none-stop and just felt like ending it all. I am seriously glad I don't feel that low any more. One step at a time, eh?

    I'm now on a waiting list for some CBT/talking therapy. Have you considered that?

    Good luck xx

  • I would agree with jue in that the AD's can take up to a month to fully kick in. Yes I got that spaced out feeling while they were going into my system but the system adapts and then if they are the right ones you start to feel better. Also agree that some CBT would help as meds can only do so much. Keep us posted. Gemma x

  • Hi I was given Fluoxetine when I first went to see my doctor and it totally floored my I had very bad side affects with it. It has taken a while to get my medication sorted out and it just isn't quite right yet.

    As for not sleeping I had that as well. I am attending a Stress Control course at the moment and the tips they have given for getting a restful sleep have helped a little.

    They suggest that you have a good sleep routine. Their suggestions are.

    1. Declutter your bedroom if you can. Make it a place where you want to sleep. Remove as many electrical items as possible. TVs, phones computer games, etc.

    2. Set a time each night where you will go to bed and stick to it.

    3. Leave your mobile phone, out of the bedroom so you have no distractions.

    4. Reduce the amount of caffeine you take. e.g. coffee, but be aware other products contain caffeine including chocolate. (If you are a heavy coffee drinker remember to cut down gradually to avoid the side affects of reducing your caffeine intake.)

    5. Set time aside to relax before going to bed. Listen to calming music, read a book.

    6. The Bedroom is only for sleeping so if you wake, get up and go to your living room. Do something relaxing until you feel sleepy again. Then you back to bed.

    7. Get up early, make yourself get up early even if you feel tired.

    8. Try not to cat nap during the day.

    9. Get out and exercise.

    10. Avoid alcohol. Especially late in the evenings as it can keep you awake.

    11. Keep a sleep diary, when you go to bed how many hours sleep you get and also how many times you wake. You can also extend the diary to show what you've eaten and also any thoughts you've had and also what you've done during the day including good and bad events.

    12. Keep a note pad by your bed. If you wake up with thoughts whirling round your head write them down and tell yourself you will deal with them in the morning.

    I have been put on diazepam in the past to help me sleep. I was only on a low dose for a few weeks to ensure and it helped a little. I was getting about 4 hours sleep when I was on it, but at least when I slept it meant that I out cold for the few hours I slept. I was put on it because I was too excused to think straight or take anything in. I had a huge discussion with the doctor as I didn't want to be put on any kind of sleeping pill. I was put on a different tablet recently to help me fall asleep, but it's not working as I had hoped so I am going back to discuss this with my doctor.

    I have done a CBT course, but had to do it again as I was too exhausted to get anything out of it. I am doing the Stress Control course again due to the same reason.

    I spent a lot of time going round not doing anything during the day. For that it was suggested on the courses to set yourself goals for each day. Praise yourself for each goal you have set and have achieved. Those that you haven't achieved move to another day and try again. Even on the bad days if you can at least get out for a walk the exercise should help.

    I am still having good and bad days, it is slow progress for me but I am getting there.

    I hope you find this reply helpful.

  • Hi I couldn't get on with this ad so I changed to sertraline and am much better on it, but we are all different and it's usually trial and error.

    I am on mirtazapine to help me sleep which I find works very well for me. x

  • You will feel this way at first but as the other lady says give it 4 weeks i was really bad , and felt like you do , but after a month you wake up one morning and think oh i dont feel bad today Honest i have been there and hated it , please persevere

    Lots of Love


  • Hi Guys,

    Many thanks for reading my new posting, hopefully I will be seeing my GP again tomorrow if I can get a appointment. Some days are better thans others, but there are times when I am really "spaced out", which really scares me, I will have to have a good chat with the GP.

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