People just bring me down

So everything was fine until an old school friend turned out to be around where I go to college... She was with this guy I saw early morning then me and some other friends in the afternoon walked out of college to get some food and there she was flirting with all the boys there and my best mate or was best mate really likes her and in the end she ended up cuddling and flirting with everyone there basically, my "mate" got annoyed and started telling me how upset he was, how she is making him depresshed but thing is she told him a week ago she likes him, anyway this has caused me and my best mate to fall out he wants nothing to do with me, she popped up to me and started being really immature. I've had enough of people. They always seem to be out to hurt me it's not fair an d one day they're all going to regret it because I'm pissed off to the max.


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