Okay Folks things are getting pretty bad so how we going to turn this around :-)


I don't want to speak for what I don't want or what's going wrong.

So anyone got any jokes or good stuff to tell? The other day my mummy went to the loo and I thought about not using the same public toilet but when I did I found she had forgotten her handbag in there ...what a result! Fantastic :-)

Anything good happen to you of late?


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  • Hi Caroline. I'm a hopeless jokester so I'm saying a big Hello to

    You, yes it's like a morgue here tonight . Xx

  • Hoorah a playmate :-) Thanks. How are you?

    Did you hear about the dyslexic, agnostic insomniac?

    He stayed up all night wondering if there was a dog.

    I told you things were bad :-)

  • Ah Caroline , I like that. How are you? Yes where is everyone,

    Maybe no one is Depressed any more, good, I say ' Down with

    Depression' . Seriously I'm in quite good form, feel my motivation

    And Joie de vivre is coming back, but my brain hasn't quite

    Caught up with that fact yet, if you get me.

    Any weekend plans?

  • How fantastic...it's so great to hear you feeling on the up :-) and brains fantastic...what are they and can I get one down the shop!


  • I just entered a Competition to win a 5 day Trip to Chicago for 2

    And E 10.000.00 . The money would be great .lol

  • Ah the ole Windy city, don't they all tap dance down the street there?

    I've always wanted to go to the US and drive the Big Sur in a red open topped sports car wooo whooo


  • That Big Sur trio would be brilliant. Thelma and Louise had the right idea. .. Xx

  • Hi

    Do you think the little sur might be in Wales :-) with an ikle bit of rain! ha ha....love Wales so pretty.


  • I got given a lovely blue hat with a diamante flower on the front by a friend to cheer me up. It's lovely and warm and I feel good in it. Only plan for the weekend is to chill and watch the rugby. Hope you all have a good weekend.Regards Lorna

  • Hi

    Thanks for sharing that what a beautiful image. Im determined to make today a success :-) Valentines is weighing on me heavily but Im choosing to ignore that and have fun! Your post is helping me look at the good stuff so thank you.

    Hope you have a wonderful day :-)


  • Hi again Caroline I was thinking about when my wife said to me she would go to hell and back for me, so I said to her " no need to rush with the return trip love". Hope you are well xx Fred :)

  • Oh Fred you smooth talker!...lol.

    I wish I could find 'the one' marriage seems like alchemy at my age. I should have married when I was younger, I had two opportunities, but now Fred, well lets say maybe my true love is merely late.... ha ha.

    I had a passable Valentines considering he and I are no longer speaking...ha ha.

    I have resolved to look to the future and new possibilities, not that I'm above a little winging here for a while. And for good measure my bestfriend is right royally rubbing my face in the fact her relationship is going swimmingly and she's 60! So that's kind of her.

    I have no idea why Im telling you any of this Fred, excuse me Im just sounding off.

    I can tell you this though as I imagine you have been wed sometime now and it would be water off a ducks back. There are an awful lot of married or partnered couples who look down on you when that isn't your experience. Especially when you aren't married as if somehow you aren't or haven't been worthy enough to marry... what a crock of.... :-)

    Oh moan, moan winge, winge this won do at all Fred! I better buck my ideas up...lol


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