What is going on?

I have worked out that I can't read or reply to any posts that have the little padlock next to them. I've tried logging out and logging again but it still doesn't work! So as it stands I have no idea what Bev bought me, or what she looks like, or who the four people who replied to my post earlier are! It's driving me nuts. I don't want to create a new profile as ai have been a member for over two years and I want people to be able to see that. Any ideas?

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  • Do you not have to "follow" people? I do some on Ovacome site xx

  • Oh let me try that ....

  • Lucy no it's nothing to do with following anyone. Following anyone

    Is a different thing and has nothing to do with answering.

  • Sam no you don't need to follow anyone to be able to answer. X

  • Ok thank u x

  • No prob Sam Jane. Are you new? If so your very welcome . X

  • Fairly new, just a few weeks.

    Thank you :) xx

  • Sam J just looked at your profile. I'm so sorry your ill, I watched a very good program on Cancer tonight on BBC 1 tonight.

    How are you feeling? If you ever need a chat feel free

    To mail me. I had ovaries removed at 35 so I can

    Sympathise with you.

    Hannah xx

  • I'm doing ok, last chemo today, MRI on Friday.

    I've heard about that program, so going to watch it tomorrow.

    As thank you that's so kind, I will if need to.


    Sam xx

  • Sam yes it was very good. Ok

    Sleep well and take care of yourself

    Please and remeber we are here for support

    And TLC.

    I'm off to bed too. Lol

    Hannah x

  • You too hun, thank you for welcoming me.

    Lol x x

  • Lucy I see Bevs Post has a lock as its thus community. I can reply and you

    Cannot. Best to report it to admin. I had problems earlier too so maybe

    It's a site problem.

    You logged in and out and all that. Maybe clear your browser and close all

    Windows. Then try signing ing again.

    H x

  • Tried all that. I can reply fine to my own thread here, because I unticked the padlock. Sam's idea hasn't worked either. Have reported it to HU admin and hopefully they can sort it out ...

  • When you click on My Communities .... Action on Depr. Should come up. If it doesn't then it means you are signed on to Health Unlicked but not

    To action on Depr.

  • Lucy when you click on my Communities, Action on Depr. Should come up. If it doesn't

    It means your not signed in.

  • How do you mean? I must be signed in to be able to post?

  • That was happening me too Lucy I had to keep signing in each time. Click on my

    Communities and see is Actiin on Depr. Listed. ?

  • When I click on that, there is just a list of all the communities that I follow ...

  • Click on your own name at the top and it should show whether you need to log in or not. x

  • Is action on Depression one? If so select that and try again.

  • Hello Lucy

    The padlock is a locking device that you set when you only want signed in members to read your messages.

    Just been looking for the thing and was wondering if you select it when you write a post, as it stops people who are casual visitors to the site. I cannot remember where we choose it although it is not on your page at this time. Just returned on site earlier been away


  • Anywhere nice? X

  • Yes, it's dead easy to do a post and then make it just for one community instead of public, you have to choose.

  • Padlock?? I've never seen that as far as I know. Maybe it's in the settings, either yours or theirs? I would ask admin to take a look.xxx

  • Sue you know when you do a Post the last option is

    For Community


    Everyone .

    When you select Comminityy it automatically puts a Padlock logo on

    That Post so it means it can then only be read by a member of this Comminity.

    Hope I'm not telling you Somethung you already know, if so apologies.

    I'm off to bed . Good night all, I'm feeling so much better today and

    Had a good day. Which is great.

    Goodnight Sue.

    Hannah x

  • go to Support, help centre and ask the tech people to fix it.

    If you don't have the padlock "everyone" means that anyone on facebook, twitter, any search engine, can read a post and it's replies - scary! :-O

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