Feeling Low

I'm going through quite a few emotional ups and downs recently and I'm finding it really difficult to stay positive and upbeat even when I feel like shutting myself away from the world. I look at my life in think overall I am fulfilled. I have a good job, steady boyfriend, physical health, hobbies etc etc which makes me feel even worse as there really doesn't seem to be any justification for my feeling the way I do. More than anything I thought by 'putting it out there' I might connect with others who have similar feelings as within my circle of friends/family, there isn't any one person who seems to understand my emotions as I cannot put my mood swings down to any one thing. If there is anyone out there feeling the same please reach out to me as at the moment I'm really struggling.


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  • I think are lots of people on here who will understand exactly how you're feeling. I have a very good job that pays well, I have two beautiful and talented children, I own my own home, I have a supportive family and lots of friends. But do I feel happy? Very rarely. It's the joys of having depression. I get odd momens where I feel happy but they get whipped away as fast as they came. You're not alone in how you're feeling x

  • Thank you Lucy - in a way I wish I could pinpoint one thing and find a solution, that's who I am. My 'down' periods usually last a few hours but I've noticed they're so much more frequent at present. I lose interest in everything and everyone - even my partner, do you get that? With him for example sometimes I feel so in love and on top of the world and other times I it's like it wouldn't bother me if I never saw him again - that's how extreme my emotions are. But that's just an example, I feel like that with work, food, socialising.... Thank you for replying, I feel alone so much of the time and I also feel guilty - especially where my partner is concerned. x

  • Hi, Yes I have felt like you feel many times see your GP tell them how you feel also tell a good friend or family member who may understand and support you. (1st little step) reading this site will also support you we do have some very interesting posts. Take Care juelx

  • I too feel the same way, Jue is right, go see your GP and talk about how you feel. Take care and keep in touch. Regards Lorna

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