Everything's going downhill

In around October I got a councillor and everything started getting so much better and I gradually managed to open up to her about more and more. I stopped self harming and started re-building relationships with all the people I had pushed away but now, my sessions are finished and it's all getting bad again, I relapsed badly last night and I've now lost even more people than I had previously. On top of that, my anxiety is getting so much worse, I can barely function outside my bedroom and I keep having panic attacks over my health, I convince myself I'm dying or have a terminal illness and it terrifies me. I don't want to tell anyone though because my family were so worried when they found out before and then I started getting better, I don't want to put them through that again.

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  • Sorry to here that you have relapsed, that can happen and so much treatment seems to be rationed.

    If you family worries about your problems it may be an idea to talk to them about it, you may find that they will help you to put things into perspective. Also it may be an idea to see your GP once more and explain what is going on as if you leave it you could find you will become more insular and worry even more.

    One thing you could ask is it there is a Mental Health Day Centre in the area you live in, that with a little bit more chat will help. These centres can provide understanding and support, some of them even provide support in the way of Counseling as in these days this assistance can be rationed to six sessions so any chance of more treatment can be welcome.

    You will also find that talking with members over a cup of coffee and bikys can be just as useful as they will be able to give advice and even friendship. I used to attend one and became their Information Officer and was there for about seven years. I then moved to another area.

    Good Luck


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