Feeling depressed and anxious. How do I go about getting help?

I posted a question on here a while ago and got some great and helpful answers from people. It ended up with me going to contact my doctor surgery but I chickened out.

Basically for the few years I've been feeling very low. I've had a pretty tough life from being bullied through all my school years. I found it hard to make friends and people used to say I smell and spoke about me behind my back. My mum had 4 kids but after I was born she found it hard to cope which resulted in me being very ill and my parents divorcing and being brought up by my dad.

I have never really known happiness. I am 21 now and my life is a mess. I have never had a job (done some work experience but never resulted in a job) and find it hard to find work. I was good at the working alone parts but found working in a team and greeting people coming through the door unbearable. This hasn't helped my ability to find a job.

I have one friend who I have known on and off for years and we get along very well. But when it comes to other people who aren't family I find it very hard to talk to them and avoid social contact as often as I can. I hate crowds and feel as if the whole room is closing in. I also hate looking people in the eye and physical contact.

As I said in my other question I have been on a couple of dates but I've never had a boyfriend because I'm always too shy, find it hard to connect with them and if they try to touch me it worries me.

For the last few months especially I have been constantly on edge. I'm constantly thinking of bad things and can't stop myself from thinking them and they are taking over my life. I can't concentrate on anything even watching TV or reading a book. Sometime because I'm like this I go to sleep for a few hours during the day or evening just to get away from everything.

All I want is to be able to make a couple of friends, find a job and eventually have a boyfriend but with the way I am at the moment it's impossible.

I have looked at different mental illnesses on the internet and find I have symptoms from most of them. I was going to phone my doctors surgery but I was too worried that they would think I was wasting their time. Do you think I should contact them? At our surgery we phone the reception and a doctor phones back an hour later to ask about your symptoms instead of you booking an appointment straight away. What do I say to them? I don't even know how I should start.

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  • Hello

    I couldn't think of anything more awkward than having to explain something so huge to a doctor over the phone

    Could you perhaps jot your feelings down in a letter and leave it at the reception for the doctor to read. Explain in your letter everything you have said here and say that you would like an appointment to discuss things further.

    We could help you to write something if you like?

    Lucy x

  • Thanks Lucy. That would help a lot.

  • GREAT suggestion Lucy!

  • Hi Caroline nice to meet you and welcome to the site. Lucy has a great idea there or another one would be when the doctors asks you just say you think you have depression and you need to see a doctor and leave it at that. The doctor won't want more than that - all they will be doing is filter out those who need to see someone and those who don't.

    Not all doctors are good with mental health so try and make an appointment with one you have found understanding in the past and you feel most comfortable with. I guarantee you will be around the the 10th person to see the doctor that day with psychological problems as this is very very common. So don't be shy. If you think you will find it difficult to talk why not print out your post or do a letter and just hand in to the doctor when you see them?

    Stay with us here as we are a very friendly and supportive group and we will try and help all we can. Bev xx

  • HI. Caroline the good thing is that your still young and have lots of time to

    Get yourself well and make your life the way you want it.

    I would definitely see your Dr. As Bev has said I think if you say your suffering

    From Depression that should be enough , God if I had to explain how I

    Was feeling on the phone to the Dr . Before I went in the surgery door. I think

    It would be like climbing Mount Everest . So Caroline take your courage In

    Your hand, as it's the only way to get help. Good luck and let us know how

    You get on.

    Hannah x

  • Write down what you feel and use it as a script when the doctor calls. Don't worry about wasting g surgery staff time, you need help. I rang my surgery a few weeks ago and promptly burst into tears,, the staff were really kind and sorted out an appointment for me that day. Please try again and get some help. Take care. Regards Lorna